Thursday, June 24, 2010

Echoes of the Rainbow 岁月神偷

Just finished watching Echoes of the Rainbow. Been dying to watch it but due to assignment, exam and time constraint, I didn't watch it in the cinema. What a magnificent movie with a bunch of talented actors and actress + nice song. I feel so closed to the movie because the character's name is Desmond too. Furthermore, I see myself in the kid(Desmond's younger brother).

Before watching the movie, I already prepared myself that I will boohoo. Yup, I did boohoo. It is very touching. I always thought and feel that a kid's cry is annoying till I watch this movie. The kid had three memorable cry scene in the movie. The first time when he cried, my heart went all soft. I pity the kid. He just wanted something. I understand that feeling because when I want something so badly and I couldn't have it, I can feel my heart ache. I guess this is my personality, I do not accept 'No' for an answer. I dislike the feel of being turned down or could not get something I want so badly. The feeling of defeat is just unbearable. But as years gone by, I am still learning how to take things easy and understand the fact that not everything goes our way.

The second time the kid cried is when there was a storm that ruined his house. They were leaving in this house that was made of wood and metals that were unstable. Strong wind could just blew away the whole house. Indeed, the the storm ruined part of the house. His parents was holding on to the roof to avoid it being blown away. Hanging on to their dear lives and only house. This shows how poor and unfortunate they are. My heart sank when the kid cried holding on to his mother's leg while shouting for help. He was like ' Mom... Dad... Help me...' I bet when we are young, when we are sad, lonely and helpless, we would always cry out for our parents.

The last memorable cry scene was that he had this 6th sense about his brother. He ran back home from school and found out that the house was not opened. He cried out loud because he knew something was wrong. Indeed, his brother passed away. The bond between him and his brother was so strong that he could feel his brother. His grandmother told him that if he want to see his loved ones again, he would have to throw all his precious things into the sea. Which he did just to see his brother again. This shows that he loves his brother because he would sacrifice the most precious things to him just to see his brother again.

Another part of the movie that caught my attention was how materialistic the nurses were. They would asked for tips to perform their jobs such as fetching the water or drawing blood from the patient. How could people be so materialistic ?! On the other hand, the parents showed that money is not everything compared to his dear son's life. The father actually pawned his watch and wedding ring in order to get blood transfusion to his son. The scene was so touching when the mother saw the finger that previously held the wedding ring was gone. She understands and hold on to the father's hand. Parents would do anything for their children' dear lives.

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