Saturday, February 23, 2008


People say that your eyes is the window to your soul, 眼睛是灵魂之窗...... it believe it is... watever it is, one look at the eyes will noe wat he is thinking.. lies, happy, grumpy, sad, angry.. the eyes will have the answer to it... it shows emotions.. the inner self..

i once was told by a teacher ( which she read it from somewhere ) that one's personality is like a window... or shud i say the inner self of someone is like a window.. through the 'eyes', we can look at these windows..

the window above show the 4 types of inner self/personality of one..
1. the red one
this is the part where you know that you have and others know it as well... it is very obvious..
2. the blue one
this is the part where you know that you have it, but others do not know about it.. this is perhaps wat u wanna hide from others or just that you havent reveal to anyone yet..
3. the green one
this is the part where you do not know that you have it.. but others know you have it.. it always happen when you blame others or complain about others.. but u do not know you have such criteria as well..( pointing fingers)
4. the yellow one
this is the part where you and others do not know you have it... its perhaps some skills or personality which are hidden in you... it wont blast out till some day some time...

each window will increase or decrease as time goes by.. whether you and others discover it through activities, reading or real life situations... for example, i din noe tat i m such an attention seeker until my fren blasted it out at me... when i think back... WOW.. i m really a attention seeker.. LOL... so this means tat my Green window will decrease and my Red window increase ^.^

have fun and think bout it.. explore it urself.. this is normally associated with the activity where you have to list out wat is ur strength and weakness and compare with wat your frenz think bout it..

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

In memories of......

Aiks... from my previous post ' 劲歌金曲' aka Jade Solid Gold.. i promised to post some pics of celebrities.. b4 n now pics.. but then... i got a new idea... hhmmm.. today.. Lydia Shum 沈殿霞 aka 肥姐 passed away due to liver cancer.. bad news... haiz... another fav HK celebrity of mine passed away... so in this blog.. i put some of my fav chinese celebrities hu had passed away...

1. Roman Tam 罗文
Nickname : Law Kee 罗基
Date of Birth :16th February 1950
Date of Death : 18th October 2002, died of liver cancer
Renowned works :
he also brought up famous celebrities like joey yung容祖儿, ekin chen 郑伊健

2. Theresa Teng 邓丽君
Date of Birth : 29th January 1953
Date of Death : 8th May 1995, died of severe asthma
Renowned works :
her voice is super sweet n soft..
恰似你的温柔,夜来香,月亮代表我的心, 甜蜜蜜, 小城故事, 忘记他, 再见,我的爱人, 但愿人长久, 我只在乎你...

3. James Wong 黄沾
Nickname : jim suk 沾叔
Date of Birth : 21st February 1940
Date of Death : 24th November 2004, died of lung cancer
Renowned works :
狮子山下,上海滩,问我,沧海一声笑,将峻岭,男儿当自强, 梁祝

4. Danny Chan 陈百强
Date of Birth : 7th September 1958
Date of Death : 25th October 1993, died after 17 months in coma
Renowned works :
偏偏喜欢你, 一生何求, 念亲恩,今宵多珍重,相思河畔....

5. Leslie Cheung 张国荣
Nickname : gor gor 哥哥
Date of Birth : 12th September 1956
Date of Death : 1st April 2003, commit suicide
Renowned works :
英雄本色, 胭脂扣,阿飞正传,纵横四海,霸王别姬,花田喜事,金枝玉叶,夜半歌声,春光乍泄,左右手,追,沉默是金,风再起时,红颜白发,深情相拥...

6. Anita Mui 梅艳芳
Nickname : ah mui 阿梅,mui jie 梅姐,hundred style queen of pop百变天后
Date of Birth : 10th October 1963
Date of Death : 30th December 2003, died of cervical cancer
Renowned works :
似水流年 ,壞女孩,妖女 , 烈焰紅唇, 淑女, , 皇者之風 , 鏡花水月, 審死官, 東方三俠, 現代豪俠傳, 半生緣鍾無艷, 男歌女唱, 愛君如夢, 男人四十.....

7. Lydia Shum 沈殿霞
nickname : 肥姐/ fat sis.. she is well known for her size, dark rimmed glasses & hair.. n her status in HK entertainment industry, she is known as sis..
date of birth : 21st July 1947
date of death : 19th February 2008
Renowned works :
《富贵逼人》, 《富贵再逼人》,《富贵再三逼人》,《富贵吉祥》...
she is also famous for her art of hosting
things i learned/want to learn from her :
1. her laughter.. i bet everyone who noes a tiny bit bout her or HK entertainment industry would know about her laughs.. she likes to laugh.. smile... no matter wat happen.. she will face it with laughter n strongly.. her laughter brings happiness to others..
2. eat.. despite her condition.. she LOVES to eat.. one of her happiness is to eat eat eat.. :P
3. strong will in living.. even though her condition is bad, she still wanna live on.. her will in living is very strong.. nowadays.. there are a lot of ppl hu wanna die so easily. haiz.. dun treasure wat they have.. tis woman here.. fight so strong just to live.. but.. in the end.. haiz...
4. kind n loving... esp for her daughter n frenz..

haiz..... they were the legends... they are the legends... without them, HK entertainment industry wont be as glamourous as now... they are the best....

Friday, February 15, 2008

8 news..

本文纯属虚构,如有雷同纯属巧合...This article is a sheer fabrication, if has is purely the coincidence identically...

Recently, all news papers have reports on the case of Mr. Chen.... i m kinda bored with it.. aiks.. such a case.. why does it have to be on the newspaper for weeks ?! My opinion and point of view ? Publicity, publicity & publicity!!!

well.. tats one of my point of view though.. If there is such case, what do you think is the benefit of it? Free publicity of cause! furthermore it involves more than 9 celebrities if i am not mistaken! how cool! It is a kind of marketing strategy.. well, they have it in the 'invincible book of marketing' as such tactics are only applied in real life situation and its unethical to practice such tactics. Thus it is not listed in the BOOKs... It can act as a marketing strategy to get free publicity or as a knife to kill off opponents.. I bet you guys still remember the incident where Mr. Chai was caught on tape having sex with a prostitute.. i was wondering, why would someone want to put a camera in a hotel just to have such scenes on tape? and how sure is he that Mr. Chai will do such things at that time and place? i don't want to talk much about that, but by now you would have guess what i have in mind.. implication of the case? Mr. Chai stepped down from his post.. or or or the 3rd reason! its just a sheer pleasure for doing such things, in short, for fun! who knows? perhaps i am wrong, perhaps i am right. nobody knows what is the real reason of all these. Only the person behind it knows exactly the real reason.

besides, i still do not think it is only Mr. Chen and the guys who posted such things fault. If you have to blame, you would have to blame those 'innocent' girls as well! i totally disagree and kind of angry with what Ms. Jill said. being innocent and naive la.. blah blah blah.. talking nonsense there.. no doubt she is brainless or not using her tiny little brain when she said such things. remember last year when she was 'spy' on and took some pics of her 'beautiful back' only?! that time she said she wanted to commit suicide la, this la that la.. cry until the mom oso can't recognise.. that time just a stupid pic of her back want to sue ppl and cry this cry that.. making such a big fuss bout it.. BOK TONG CHING(beg for sympathy) only.. now such thing happen, what she say? naive n innocent.. BULLSHIT!

aiks... please.. if you can't find a excuse.. just keep your mouth shut! it is better to admit it and be quiet about it when you are caught rather than giving silly excuses which doesnt make sense at all. you are just making urself look like a dumb blonde.. hhmmm... okok.. back to topic.. why the girls have to be blamed as well? the reason is clear.. be responsible for what you did. whether you were drunk, naive, stupid, on drugs or what.. you are you.. an adult jor.. what ever things also must be responsible for your act. you cant run to your mommy n cry n think it will be over right? if it is the case, many murderers can just kill people and run to their mommy and cry and say want to commit suicide and get over with the thing without being punish lo...

1st of all, those girls did had sex with Mr. Chen WILLINGLY.. and they are all adult. no news of them reporting that they are being rape.. so it is legal to have sex with your partner... regardless of sex partner or life partner at that moment... chinese have a saying, 你情我愿... it means that both also willing to do so.. so it is not consider as rape or what so ever... hey, you did enjoy that moment right ?! if not why there is that big smile on the face in the pics and after so long also no report of rape? okok.. i sound irresponsible and unethical and not a gentleman for saying such things.. but it is the 21st century.. sex isnt like those days... u wan n willing and i wan n willing.. y not?its just like the theory of demand and supply.. if there is no demand, there wont be supply to reach equilibrium. 2nd, those girls agreed on taking those pics.. oh come on..pls dun say that they did not agree with it.. by the looks on the pic, they look happy! and they can really pose.. some i would say better than porn stars.. hehe.. so y blame Mr. Chen only ?! well... no doubt he is a bad guy and should be punished for taking such pics.. if the girls dun allow and unwilling to, i doubt he can take such 'beautiful' shots.. and have a collection of it.. as for the guys who posted it.. no doubt its just for profitable reasons.. if you want to blame, blame the girls as well!!! punish them as well!! they are in it together...

hhmmm... i do feel a bit sympathy towards a few girls... such as Ms. BooBoo... the wedding being called off... damn it granny or whoever who called it off! its the 21st century! ppl have sex almost everyday n its a normal thing to do so.. some pics showing it makes that girl a slut n unethical ? come on.. u mean that no pics means she is innocent n clean n ethical? think again! in the such industry.. a lot of ppl rely on relationship to get famous or get higher ranks or promotions n benefits... some even use they sex appeal to do so.. bribery.. heard of it? its taught in books that it is bad.. but in the world out there.. u dare to say no bribery no using of sex appeal n relationship? think again! sorry.. this is the cruel world.. 2nd Mrs. Cheh... have to divorce? aiyoyoyoyo.. the wife have sex with other guys then must divorce... he must be thinking all girls are still virgins when he marry them or he is still living in the century of his dad's good old days..

okok. i think i shall stop here as i think a lot of ppl might hate me for saying such things jor.. haha.. but thats my point of view.. dun like? disagree? i m sorry to say that u can leave. as not everyone on this earth will have the same mindset as u n think like u... dun like then just dun read.. simple..

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bad luck or what?

I do not know that whether I am being suspicious or not, but recently I have been having bad lucks! It is not my year I guess. It is because starting from 1st of January 2008, my luck begun to deteriorate from normal towards bad luck!

Lets not talk about too far. Just take a look at these events which occur to me for the past few weeks :

1. could not find the nodding head doll
explanation : do you guys know the nodding cute little doll that is kind of a trend. well, it has been the trend for a few months now. its a solar operated doll. the 1st doll was the bald one. recently they have monkeys being the most famous one and other cartoon characters such as spiderman, winnie the pooh, pooh bear etc. you can see it almost EVERYWHERE you go, especially night markets. HOWEVER, when i decided to buy one of the bald ones(smaller version) because i think it is cuter than the rest. lol... i could not find it anymore! been to more than 10 different night markets for the past few weeks, but failed! aiks....
good news : i still got time to decide wat colour i wan as i have not make up my mind
bad news : my car looks empty >.<"

2. could not find winnie the pooh bear pillow
explantion : ever since i saw and hug the damn thing in my friend's car last year, i always wanted to have TWO for my own car. its actually a pillow which is the shape of winnie the pooh bear.
it is ONLY the HEAD. unfortunately, it belongs to my friend's little brother which he forgot where they bought it. DANG! every now and then i have seen it in some other strangers' car. i was so tempted to break the window and run away with it. been to night markets, shopping malls.. still no sign of it.. aiks.. but my friends said that they saw it in sg wang.. hhhmmmm... i spent few days walking at sg wang still can't find it.. i wonder why... It is a kind of HUGE pillow, not mat or neck rest for car as i have seen those in night markets.
good news : save money as the pillow might cost a lot
bad news : my car STILL looks empty

3. want to eat what also dun have
explanation : few times i went to night markets, i wanted to sit down at stalls to eat 1st, then only go for tit bits while walking. it is very common to have those stalls which they provide seats and tables right? BUT then, i couldnt find ONE which is available. well, found one or two, but they are all packed with people. Then i changed my mind to take tit bits such as yam sago, smelly tauhu, fried chicken, durian etc... DANG! all sold out or they dun have it there!!!!! and its only 9pm!!!!! -.-" not only once i tried it, but few times!!!!
good news : can keep fit by walking A LOT & not eating
bad news : got gastric :x

4. missing dvd games
explanation : been looking for pc dvd games for quite a while. especially for the two games i wanted so badly, 'Need For Speed Carbon' & 'O2Jam'... okok.. i know it is very old games, but i wanted to play it sooooo loooonnnnngggggg ago.. haiz... tat day so happy found it at night market at SS2! weeeeeeeee... then bought it for RM20.. i was carrying my god bro's bag. i open the zip and PUT the DVDs into the bag and zip it back. and went back happily. when i reached my car, i couldnt find the DVDs!!! damn it lo!!!! even my god bro saw me putting it INTO the bag... NOT outside.. SHIT! who would wanna steal DVD games!!! the bag was in good condition, no holes or anything.. haiz.. it went disappeared...
good news : i did some charity work by donating money & DVD games, found the games i wanted
bad news : i lost RM20 for nothing

5. Jam? Sleep?
explanation : that day i woke up very early and slept very late the night b4.. i am famous for sleeping... hehe.. being a pig.. i always sleep. din sleep enuf.. sure damn sleepy! after night market, my god bro drove me back to sunway to take my car. we use the LDP. well, i thought to myself, sure JAM! coz its around 6+pm.. the usual very JAM route and hour... good.. nice to sleep.. but duno why.... NO JAM tat day!!! dang!! not even a holiday!!!! smooth like SHIT only!! ggrrrr..... damn it.. reached sunway from SS2 in 10 minutes time... -.-"
good news : NO JAM!!! save petrol and time, stress free!!
bad news : din sleep, damn sleepy when i went for visiting later on, blur blur

6. accident
explanation : hhmmm... finally ! after two years of driving with the P sticker... i tot to myself, not bad, not a single accident... tat day itself only, i met with an accident -.-" the usual route back to my house. its a crossroad. i m coming from south to north. then the road which is west-east is very lil ppl drive de. very lil car. west side is a dead end. east side is park with lots of cars. u noe me, i dun like to speed, dun drive fast. i just dun like being slow.. hehe.. then i did not brake lo, wa going 40 mph. then a STUPID car came from the left(west) n bang into my car!!!! heart pain pain... 1st car accident. well, i admit it was my fault for not slowing down. BUT all of a sudden !!! y NOW!!!! y tis road!!!! ARGH!!!!!
good news : its CNY eve and the guy says that nevermind, no need to pay back
bad news : a dent on my car T.T

thats the 6 obvious things i can think of. bigger things. still got others which i lazy to write. my fren told me to bathe with pomelo leaf. hehe.. dun care, just try! LOL. well, chinese believe that by bathing with it, it cleanses oneself and make all the bad luck go away. any more ways to make someone luckier?! tell me pls... hehe.. i m so desperate now.. LOL

Sunday, February 10, 2008


Been thinking about wat to blog.. then suddenly my frenz asked me, 'why do you list out those horoscopes in your msn personal msg? ' .. hhmmm... well.. i explained to him..

the reason i wrote those is bcoz according to some horoscopes' websites, i m supposed to get along well with them either in terms of frenship or relationship.. HAHA... well.. i kinda blif in horoscopes sometimes.. every morning b4 i go to the college, i wud turn to section two STAR newspaper to read my horoscope for the day...

erm.. i cant say tat it is 100% accurate.. but most of them are.. n it is up to u to blif or not.. i cant force u to blif it, rite? everything is like tat, when u blif it, it is there.. when u dun blif it, then it is not there.. for example, feng shui, ghost, stars etc etc... but the safest n smartest way is to blif partly n judge it based on ur own perception n judgment.. n it also can act as a guide in life.. i m not an expert in these kind of things.. but i do noe a lil bit bout it... well.. at least for my own horoscope.. ARIES! lol..

Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius... these are the horoscopes tat are predicted to match with my personality n horoscopes.. but not 100% accurate as diff ppl will have diff sides of it coz its not onli based on horoscope ONLY... there are other things tat nid to take into account such as the environment, social lifestyle, chinese horoscope etc etc..

ARIES : ARIES 白羊座:白羊座/牧羊座(MARCH21-APRIL20)
Friendship 友情:★★★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★

Friendship 友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★

ARIES : GEMINI 白羊座:双子座(MAY21-JUNE21)
Friendship  友情:★★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★

Friendship  友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★

ARIES : LEO 白羊座:狮子座(JULY23-AUGUST23)
Friendship  友情:★★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★★

Friendship  友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★

Friendship  友情:★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★

Friendship  友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★

Friendship  友情:★★★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★★

Friendship  友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★

Friendship  友情:★★★★
Relationship 爱情:★★★★

Friendship  友情:★★
Relationship 爱情:★★

so now i call upon Aries, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius & Aquarius to make a move to get to noe me!!! LOL!!! well.. it doesnt mean tat ppl with other horoscopes shudnt be frenz with me! lol.. i do have a lot of close frens hu are scorpios... ^.^ so just try it out! lol... just for fun!

Friday, February 08, 2008


Got home from visiting today.. CNY 1st day.. hehe... damn tired... then i turned on the tv.. n saw.. WOW!!! they are showing Jade Solid Gold Awards from its 1st year till the most recent one 1984-2007 on Astro Dragon Package!!!

well... i then park myself in front of the tv n keep switching between the channels... when i was switching between the channels.. i heard a lot of songs... nice songs.. good songs.. great songs.. my fav singers... OOooooooOOOOOOoooooOOOOo... songs & singers that brought up a lot of memories in my heart... hehe.. maybe i was influenced by my mom n siblings as my age gap with them are very big.. i m only 20 yo.. but i noe a lot of great songs tat is way past my times.. like all the 23 years... each year there are also songs n singers which makes me think back.. hehe... i bet a lot of ppl wud also have lots of memories when i mention such songs n singers...

so now.. here is the list..
1983(awards held in 1984)





《Stand By Me》——梅艷芳





執迷不悔 --王靖雯
狂野之城 主唱: 郭富城
等你等到我心痛 主唱: 張學友
祇想一生跟你走 主唱: 張學友
選擇 主唱: 林子祥、葉蒨文
吻別 主唱: 張學友
你是如此難以忘記 主唱: 梁朝偉
新鴛鴦蝴蝶夢 主唱: 黃安

我等到花兒也謝了 --張學友

捨不得你 -- 鄭秀文

默契 —— 鄭秀文
妳的名字, 我的姓氏 —— 張學友
情深說話未曾講 —— 黎明
當年情(張國榮) 主唱: 黎明

歡樂今宵 —— 古巨基
愛的呼喚 —— 郭富城
我的天、我的歌 —— 許志安
原來你什麼都不要 --張惠妹

越吻越傷心 - 蘇永康
天下無雙 - 陳奕迅
甲乙丙丁 - 許志安、鄭中基、張學友笨小孩 主唱: 劉德華、柯受良、吳宗憲
牽手 - 張惠妹
最近比較煩 - 周華健、李宗盛、黃品冠

來夜方長—— 蘇永康陳潔儀
讓我取暖—— 王力宏彭羚


Shall We Talk - 陳 奕 迅
Para Para Sakura - 郭富城
玉蝴蝶 - 謝霆鋒
終身美麗 - 鄭秀文
爛泥 - 許志安






《男人KTV》——側 田

these are just some of the songs.. one small part of it.. from the jade solid gold awards.. hehe... hope u guys enjoy.. next post i think i will post some of the changes of singers.. hehe.. i love all these songs... mmmm.. hope u guys like it n refresh ur memories.. ^.^ share with me some of the songs u think its in that year.. so i can list it inside..

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Bad luck...

y recently so SUAY?!?!?!??!?!?!!?!??!?!?!?

ARGHHHHHHHH... everything just goes opposite of wat i wanted... everything just went on n on... all bad things keep on happening to me... y y y y y.... haizzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

got my 1st accident today... damn it man!!!! car pain pain, heart pain pain... >.<"

bad luck until i oso duno how to say arh..... hope CNY fai fai change my luck luck la... pls....