Sunday, July 30, 2006

30 JULY 2006

bloggy bloggy~

hehe.. few days din talk to u liao lo... so sorry... coz my cousins from paris came to visit us for 2 weeks nia... so its not so convenient to tlak to u.. n use the com.. aiks.. i have to do all my homework n assignments late at nite.. where nobody can kacau me..whole house got so many ppl staying.. my house so small fitting 10 ppl nia!!! aiks..

today can blog coz they went to tioman liao.. hehe.. yesterday b4 they leave.. my cousin bro.. just a lil kid.. he hug me so long nia.. for bout 15 minutes. dun wan let go of me.. he say he will hang on to me.. till i go with him.. haha... then i have to carry him to the car.. n pull him away from him.. hehe.. i think he too miss me liao.. coz i m so good to him.. haha... i think he got cry a bit coz my shoulder got a bit wet wet...

today went to temple o... late liao .. coz cant find my bag... aiks.. then went back home early to work on my homework & assignments~ aiyoyoyoyo... sad tired o... now my eyes like kenot open lidat... >.< steal a bit of time to talk to u bloggy.. hehe... okie.. gotta go...

Thursday, July 27, 2006

26 JULY 2006

actually tis post shud be 26th of JULY.. i was doin my homework till i forgot bout blogging.. haha.. well.. i saw ai wei's blog.. then it struck me!!! i can talk to my blog as its alive n my best pal!! so i m goin to do tat.. everyday if possible.. hehe..

today.. business maths was so boring.. i totally cant understand wat tat cute lect teach.. well.. nobody does.. haha.. she just say tis tis tis n u will end up with tis tis tis.. got it class?? haha.. tats it.. then do homework.. my fren all ask me.. then i wud be very grumpy n scolded them back.. just like YK did to me when i ask her bout maths.. ^^

next was econs.. OMG the hamsup lect.. quite funnny though.. haha.. tis is wat i learn bout interrelationships between markets... tis is the thing!

Saturday, July 15, 2006


hehe.. suddenly feel like blogging again.. yay...

college life is FUN + tiring.. hehe..
duno leh.. just tat i felt i m so happy.. noe so many frenz... i know a lot of new fren there... my class... 20 ppl onli.. hehe.. i m kinda like a dai lou... not again... haha... but not the class rep la.. my class is very fun... i can see unity... see every classes... including mine.. i eman business course de.. as i know.. i dun see design or engineering course or a levels de class is as fun as ours.. haha... we are enjoying ourselves..

all our lecturers are all very funny... very cute indeed.. hehe.. they like to joke.. they tell us stories.. lots of it.. which are useful for us.. to make the classes not so boring.. its just like.. erm... telling some stories.. which related to wat we learn.. hehe.. so tat we can remember it better.. it works!!! haha.. my math lect is like a kid.. we always tease her eng... haha.. n she always go ->'aiyo.. nolar..yer...' just like a kid would do.. haha.. eng lect its FUN.. haha.. we are like frenz rather than lecturer n student... econs lect is the hamsup guy.. haha.. also very FUNNY.. he is the funniest lecturer in KBU.. tats wat they say.. computer lect is a leng lui.. hehe.. quite funny.. she tells us a lot of stuff.. inside stuff..haha... acc lect.. i tot she might be like chooms.. but.. haha.. tis is more geng... hehe.. senior lect.. the most dedicated.. haha.. she is funny too.. not cold tat kind of funny.. tats all for my 1st sem.. hehe..

i had a lot of fun... we are goin to come up with a class song.. class slogan.. cheers.. n stuff... hehe.. a lot of leng lui n leng zai in my class.. plus got a cute me.. haha.. in my colelge a lot fo them are rich n pretty n handsome.. haha.. geng.. hehe.. i really like my college.. for the time being la... its kinda hard to catch up.. coz the way they teach really fast.. lucky i had my basic done.. well enuf i can say.. haha.. if not i dun think i can handle it.. i m the dai lou.. i m not the noisiest.. ahha.. coz i always sleep in class..listens to my mp3.. but after class. i m the noisest n most frendly guy.. hehe...

i learn a lot in college... those things tat they teach.. really... wow.. tis is wat ppl will tell n teach us when they think we are goin to be mature.. ahha.. its hell of a diff.. the things they say.. erm.. like... nice lor.. haha.. being mature.. hehe.. mature thinking.. hehe...sot jor la me.. haha..