Tuesday, June 26, 2007


yesterday chatted with R for quite a while.. then i broke down again... i cried.. i felt weak n lonely... of coz.. R is there again.. ask me to be strong.. i m human.. i feel weak too.. but i will try to be strong.. i m not the desmond i used to be.. i nid to be strong to handle everything..

Even the strongest hunk in the world will have his hard times n lonely times.. just tat he din let anyone else see it onli.. we are human.. we have feelings, emotions n ways of thinking.. so its not wrong to be sad or lonely sometiems.. just dun feel tat always.. always think of the positive.. u r allow to be sad n weak n lonely onli if u get over with it n be strong again.. its just like a motivation or stress release for u.. one must handle sadness n loneliness well.. it must be just a flick of mind.. tats it.. then move on with ur life.. be happy .. stay tat way..

The saying goes.. the sun n moon will continue to set n rise no matter how sad or how lonely u are... there is no one in the world who is so powerful n important to make the sun or moon stop rising n setting.. everyone have a life to live on, a road to walk on... its how u wan it to be n how u wan to walk it tat matters.. if u are goin to walk tat road anyway.. my as well u just walk it full of happiness.. Ur own destiny, future, life.. everything is in ur hands.. u r the onli one hu can control n change the way u wan it to be.. choose n lead a happy life which benefits everyone around u.. try to bring them laughter n happiness as u wud wish to be treated the same way..

I was told tat i m very emotional very often.. last time i tot ... wat the hell.. hu cares.. but now.. i think tat it really matters.. as nobody wan to be with someone who is like a bomb tat wud go off at anytime.. so my frenz gets lesser n lesser.. the relationship with my buddies getting futher apart.. hhmm.. tis struck me when i met with someone hu is equally as emotional as i m.. just blow off any moment.. tis moment he might be sweet talking to u. the next he wud just blow at u n start to scream at u.. the feeling sucks.. i hate it.. so tis is wat they say 'u attract those who are same as u' .. i realise the importance of frenship lately n keep wondering why everyone is leaving me or just i cant get someone sincere enuf.. until i met this guy.. he is a good guy actually.. but just his emotions.. i m starting to change my emotions.. n learn how to control them.. i must treat others the way i wan them to treat me.. stop complaining n nagging bout why the things happened.. things happened for a reason.. so just get over it n find the problem n ffix it.. dun just stop there.. everything n everyone is changing around us. we must be able to change to adapt the to situation.. in order to survive in this scary world out there.. i admit tat its a scary world out there.. learn to treat others the way u wan them to treat u.. n learn to defend urself.. stay positive n work hard on watever u pursuit n be alert to changes so u can adapt to it very fast n nice..

ok.. enuf for the crap today.. tune in for more.. if u wan..lolx...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tagged by Erin..

Awwww... had been tagged N times but tis is the 1st time doin it.. hehe.. too lazy.. but i m too bored now.. so just give it a try.. so here it goes..

WARNING!! the contents below are for ppl 18 & above, if u feel discomfort, pls dun read tis post.. blek..

Attachment 1: On the Outside
Name: Desmond Lai
Nickname: Lychee, Des Zai, Cutie, Pig, Oi (duno y a lot of ppl call me tis..) etc
Birth Date: 13th April 1988
Current Status: Single ( anyone interested pls leave a msg or PM me.. feel few to drop by)
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Black with a patch of Red/Brown in front (duno y its still there since my last dyed in Feb)

Attachment 2: On the Inside
My Heritage: Chinese, Hakka
My Fears: Flying Cockcroach, Reptiles,Heights, Being Fat >.<>
My Weaknesses: Emotional, Think too much, Dual Personality
My Perfect Pizza: Any Pizzas which is not spicy n with lots of CHEESE!!!

Attachment 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
My first thoughts waking up: OMG!!! classes n be a driver again..
Daydreams: Become smart n charming
My bedtime: Have lots of sleep n sweet dreamz...

Attachment 4: My Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Coke (actually i dun like soft drinks)
McDonald's or Pizza Hut: McDonald's (provided that they have special promotions or food)
Single or Group Dates: Single if the date is HOT n i m attracted to my date, Group if the bunch is crazy people like me where i will talk n laugh non stop & relax..
Adidas or Nike: Petaling Street aka Fakes :p
Tea or coffee: or Me...
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate!!!!
Staying home or going out: Depends
Girl or boy as your child: Doesnt matter as long as they are mine ^_^

Attachment 5: Do You...
Smoke: Socially.. (dun whack me >.< )
Curse: Of Course!! wanna hear some ? Fark, Sark, Diu, WTF etc... hehe..
Take a Shower: Duh... Hu doesnt..
Have a Crush: Ops :x PnC..
Go to School: Is College a School ?
Want to Get Married: Not that Important.. Life Partner with or w/o is fine with me..
Believe in Yourself: Yaya
Think You're a Health Freak: NOPE.. blek..

Attachment 6: In the Past
Drink Alcohol: Drank, Drinks, will Drink.. ^_^
Gone to the Mall: 3 days a week.. or more.. ;p not like i m a shopaholics
Been on Stage: Yaya.. Like the feel..
Eaten Sushi: My Fav recently..
Dyed Your Hair: Yuppy.. Dun mention >.<

Attachment 7: Have You Ever...
Been in a relationship: Err... >.<" Ya...............
Step on someone's nuts: O.o sure it will be painful >.<
Kicked at someone's nuts: Not Kick but Punch?
Told a boring story: Always..
Burnt the house: Nope.. n not planning to..

Attachment 8: Age You're Hoping to...
Get Married: 30 ?
Get a child: 30 ? LOLx or perhaps adopt.. ;pN
Get into a relationship: Now wud be nice.. ^_^

Attachment 9: What You Were Doing
A Minute Ago: Breathing... hehe.. singing..
An Hour Ago: Watching Porn.. Ops :x animal porn aka documentaries of animal having sex
Nine Hours ago: Sleeping n Dreaming ( wet ones ? ;p )
A Month Ago: OH i remember!!! SLEEPING!!!!!!!!
A Year Ago: Sadly, i wud have to say SLEEPING again..

Attachment 10: Finish The Sentences
I love: you ops :x
I feel: Horny *shy*
I hate: sleepless nites..
I hide: my private part nicely ^_^
I miss: you, you and you..
I need: You, Love, Money, and to be Smart ^.^

Attachment 11: Tag Other People
Everyone that reads this.. blek.. ngek ngek.. i m evil..

Homemade garlic bread.

this is how u make ur homemade garlic bread..
just grab a stick of french 'baguet' or however u spell it.. u noe the stick like bread which is hard where u can get from carrefour or deli france.. cut it into slices like the pic shown
prepare the spread.. which is chopped garlic with chopped parsley mix with butter.. make sure the butter is soft.. if not u wud be having trouble to mix it n spread it onto ur bread..
this is the bread after u baked it in the oven for 3-5 minutes.. 200 celcius degree... add in some cheese if u wish to.. ^^


ok.. this is the 2nd part of the homemade noodles.. ^_^

tis is the noodles i made.. ready to be served..
this is me frying some ingredients.. such as butter, garlic, bacon, ham, mushroom etc...
tis is where i add in some cream.. to make the sauce...
add in some salt n pepper for taste n simmer it until thickens..
pasta with the sauce i made.. ^_^ add some cheese n parsley for garnishing..tis
if pasta doesnt suit u.. u can try making the chinese one.. 'pan mee' just boil some water with prawns,pork,wantan,bacon,cockles,carrot etc... add some salt n pepper n some fish oil to taste.. add in vege if u like it.. n WALAH... its done.. there is no rule of wat u wan in ur noodles.. remember.. its UR noodle.. so add in wat u like.. ^_^