Wednesday, October 22, 2008



I am a guy who is full of emotions. In other words, i am an emotional guy and hot tempered. Just a simple little thing can make me laugh out loud, cry the next second, throw tantrum the next moment. Sometimes it benefits me but most of the time it harms me and brings lots of problems & troubles to me.

Normally the word 'emotional' is being labeled on females and people with artistic character. You seldom hear that a guy is emotional. It is because guys tend to keep all their emotions to themselves, showing their emotions toward others portray the image that they are weak. Nowadays, with globalization and competitions, people tend to be more stressful just to make a living. Thus, their emotions tend to be like a roller coaster. It changes very fast, going very high at this moment, very low another moment. There are also people who are born with this personality, aka ME!

It isn't wrong to have such a personality. It is one of the criteria that makes you YOU! Standing out from others, differentiate from others. Although it is always seen as a negative aspect, but whatever negative, there will always be something positive behind it. Just like the Ying Yang Theory. Don't blame yourself for having such a behaviour. Well, if you know that it is till the state that harms you, just learn how to control it. Facing your own weakness is better than running away from it.

I am just going to share some of my ways of controlling my emotions and temper. Keeping it. Making it a smooth ride rather than a roller coaster which scares everyone.
1. Clench my fist as hard as possible and hold my thought and actions. Let all my negative energy and tantrum goes to my fist. well, not to hit anything or anyone. Just clench it. Or perhaps squeeze a stress ball. After my hand ran out of strength, then only I make decisions.
2. just hum or sing a song that comes to my mind. Of cause inside my head, because i do not want everyone to think that i am crazy for bursting out a song in the middle of a conversation or argument. For instance, Winner Takes it All ( Meryl Streep version ) It is FULL of emotions and passions...
3. Think of something else. Mostly about mother nature. To change my focus.

How about you? What would you do when you feel emo ? or your temper is rising?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Does argument really improve relationship between two party ? Or it cracks the relationship between two party ?

Undoubtedly, argument does bring two party along if it is treated in a good condition with proper emotion and understanding. But it does bring harm in relationship coz when u argue, u are more likely to be more aggressive. And of coz things get worse when someone or something gets too aggressive.

In a relationship, dun care its frenship, couple or family, sometimes an argument might spice up things. But it must not be too aggressive and too often. Argument which happen too often will make two party become tired after some time. very tired... and of coz.. problems will occur.

Cause? ignorance, lack of respect, lack of caring, dun even know it when u are guilty or making a mistake, misunderstanding... u name it.. but in a relationship, does it worth to argue everytime? if dun argue, one party will have to 'eat dead cat' or try to hold back and just smile.. this is life... there are so many ppl out there that their attitude, personality and character crashes with us.. wat we can do? nothing.. to avoid argument and crack in relationship.. just be it.. coz knowing each other and getting along isnt easy...

Sometimes i wonder if i am being too picky and choosy over things? or i am being too dominant and wants everything to be my way? or is it the other party being ignorant ? or the other party that shows no care ? Even if all argument ended with forgive and forget... but arguing too often does bring some effect.. negative effect.. >.<"

Friday, October 10, 2008

Open minded, Positive thinking out of negative things

I have always been judgmental towards other people.. it is good to be judgmental towards others.. but i did too much of it. i tend to complain a lot when these people i met doesnt meet up to my expectations. I will either start to complain about them or criticize them on their behaviour, personality, attitude, background etc.... anything u can think of that gets in my way or does not favour me. yeah.. i know.. i am a pain in the ass... LOL..

Everything is changing everyday, whether u like it or not, realise it or not.. and people tend to grow mentally and physically when the time is right. this time here varies among different people. By meeting the right people/situation/material at the right time, it will tend to strike us in a way that will change our thinking and perhaps behaviour. Mine came when one of my lecturer said ' Why must you be so judgmental ? Why can't you just accept it with an open mind and take in whatever its good for you and leave the rest alone? '

BAMM!!! it struck me! it got me thinking... There are billions of people out there.. i cant just complain and criticise them if they do not favour me... Nobody is perfect.. this includes me.. i am not perfect, so why should i complain and criticise other people? I should accept everyone as it is including their bad and good.. be open minded... this is because there are so much things that I can learn from them due to their background, behaviour, personality, attitude etc.. Nobody is identical in this world.. Even the slightest difference can teach us something useful.

We must always think positive and seek for anything which is positive for us to learn from other people, but not focus on their negative things. Nobody wants to be criticize and being complaint about everyday right? so start looking for these positive things and think positively! Even there are lots of negative things, we must find every positive things out of the negative things..

We must be thankful ...
1. For the husband/wife that snores everynight, because he is at home asleep with me but not with anyone else
2. For the taxes i pay because it means that i am employed
3. For the mess i need to clean up after a party because i am surrounded by frenz
4. For the clotes that fit a little too snug because i have enough to eat
5. For a floor that needs mopping and sweeping because i have a home
6. For all the complains that i hear of the government because i have freedom of speech
7. For the parking spot i find at the far end because i am capable of walking and i am blessed with a vehicle
8. For the noise that i have to bear from my noisy neighbours because i can hear
9. For the pile of laundry and ironing because i have clothes to wear
10. For the weariness and aching of muscles at the end of the day because i am capable of working hard
11. For the alarm clock that goes on every morning because i am ALIVE!
12. For the lousy lecturer i get because i am able to distinguish good and bad + evaluate and analyse things
13. For my other half that nags and grumbles everyday because i am blessed with a beloved that cares me

there are many more u positive things u can get from these negative things.. just be think positively and open minded!