Monday, July 05, 2010

Being rich changes you?

Things have been happening around me. People have been changing. For the better and of course for the worse. hhmmm. I noticed something though. When we are rich or suddenly turned rich, will we spend like nobody's business ?

We always have wants in love. Something that we always wanted but due to some circumstances ( money being the top problem), we would not be able to enjoy or have such wants. However, when we suddenly become rich or slowly building out wealth, of course we will get all these wants. Satisfy all our wants. But is it worthy? I always wonder. The temptation of having these wants is strong, but when you clear your mind and think about it, you will have second thoughts, or at least I will have.

Most people tend to spend on materiality stuff when they have money. Mostly branded stuff. It can't be denied that such branded stuff are more durable and of higher quality. But do they even care? All they just do is buy buy buy. Even if they give excuses such as higher quality and more durable that it might last you for 10 years or so, next thing you know, they will be buying another one the following month. Or perhaps they say such things make them look better -.-" What the hell ?! you sure about it ? hhmmm... If you have confidence, even the clothing from the night market will make you look better.

Of course, sometimes we might be carried away, but we need to think and consider whether it is worthy to spend such money on these wants. To me, clothes are just something I wear to protect me from danger and to keep me warmth and to ease my daily activities. Wearing something comfortable is my main priority. Not the brand, not the price, not the trend. As long as I feel comfortable wearing it and it does not create a 'public scene', then I am fine with it.

Moreover, why do we need so many jewelry?! I do not understand, we only have one neck, two hands, two ears and ten fingers! Is it necessary?! What about gadgets ?! hhmmm.. technology is changing so fast nowadays, you cant always chase after technology. Being contented with what you have is what important. It works doesn't it !? It was your top choice when you bought it right?! So deal with it. I always wanted to have an iPhone to play games and play music. and those fancy apps. Come to think of it, my phone is working fine, so I might just get the iPod Touch. hhmmm. A gaming and music device to keep me occupied. And of course about my lappy which might die on me anytime, lots of cracks here and there and the screen is shaking vigorously. My initial idea was to get a new lappy. But now I've got a free netbook, I would guess I just get a desktop which is cheaper and better in performance. As for travelling,I shall take the netbook.

And of course, CAR! why do people need so many cars !? or keep changing cars ?! not like it is an investment! I see some people change car because a newer version or a better car is out! WTF!? A car is just a car. it is a form of transportation that brings you from one place to the next destination. As long as the car is safe ( able to protect me and my loved ones) and functions well, I don't mind.

Other than that, I really do not have any materiality thing that I want now. I have enough clothes for all occasions. I have a phone, a netbook and a lappy. I have a car to travel with. I guess if I am rich one day, I would spend my money on books, food and travelling. Because these are the things I love and it will bring happiness and expand my knowledge and experience. And of course helping others in need. I have soft spots for these...

Friday, July 02, 2010

Do what you like, Like what you do...

Does this theory applicable ?

I am actually wondering what I am doing right now is what I want to do for the next few decades of my life. Basically accounting and finance is not what interest me most. Well, I have interest in it, but it is not my top choice. So why do I even pick this subject/field as my profession? hhmmm.. I do not know actually. Because I am capable and I likey challenges? or the path is exciting and tormenting XD. Or perhaps the salary + bonus is rewarding. Whatever it is, I've chosen this path, I've finished my degree in this subject/field. I have to likey it in order to perform and excel. I have to believe in myself that I am capable of doing it no matter what the consequences are.

Well, my top interest now I guess would be human behavior. I likey to study and analyze about the human behavior. How people interact, behave or carry themselves. It is very interesting and fascinating to study the various forms of human behavior. That is why I enjoyed very much doing my bachelor degree's dissertation on this subject matter. Weird it is, I did an Accounting and Finance Bachelor Degree with a dissertation on Human Behavior in the workplace. But that is me. The combination of my interests. So, should I switch my profession to this ? hhmmm..