Tuesday, May 29, 2007


For those that know me.. i like pets.. n i have own some pets... hehe.. i had owned a tortoise, some fishes, hamsters and guinea pigs.. guinea pigs are the current one.. ^_^ i have owned them for about 6-7 years.. start off with 2.. a couple.. then give birth to 1, then 3, then 5 then......the record was 25 guinea pigs in my house.. lolx..n now left back 5.. some died n some are given away.. they are quite intelligent animals.. they wud 'call' for u when they are hungry or the time for food.. if they smell food or hear anything related to food.. they wud be biting the cage or waiting there to be fed.. very cute animals indeed.. they dun eat rotten or bad or cheap vege.. they choose vege to eat.. if u give them cheap ones, or with ferterlisers.. they wud just dun eat them.. smart... lolx.. but my favourite pets wud be golden retriever.. well.. my dream pets.. lolx..which is shown in the pic below..
The pic below is my onli male guinea pig.. his name is Rudolph.. n my feet of coz.. :P
then tis is Pikachu.. the oldest female.. mother of all.. ^_^
then the 1st born.. Cinnamon.. the fattest oso.. n oso born on the 1st day of CNY oh..
the next one wud be Raffles.. a cutie..
The last one wub be Darwin.. the one eye jack.. blind on one eye.. born like tat.. duno why.. but a very cute one oh..

Monday, May 21, 2007


okok tis is wat i had for supper just now.. u guys might noe tat i like to eat.. n i just like to eat anything.. so watever i can get in the kitchen.. i just put all inside the pot.. lmao.. so tis is one of the 'master piece'.. it looks awful.. but it sure taste good.. n fattening.. lol..

1st of all.. lets intro the ingredients.. which is the noodles i made, cheese, chicken cream soup n some twisties(optional)..

tis is the one withot twisties.. u nid to add some colouring on it.. like some herbs or green stuff... to garnish it.. herbs i wud recomment thyme or oregano..dun ask y.. i duno.. just the taste match.. hehe

okok.. now is the one with the twistie .. now u can get more kou gan.. can munch a lil.. hehe..

thank you

Thx for scolding me..
Thx for letting me noe tat i m very naive..
Thx for letting me learn tis lesson..

i m really glad tat i had put u down.. duno if i did.. but now i feel lighter.. but u will remain as a memory in me.. maybe now i m not suitable to be in any relationships yet..
but i m happy tat u scold me.. i m really thankful tat u scold me.. okok.. may sound stupid n crazy.. lol.. but i dun blame u.. its my fault.. hehe.. thx for everything..

take care my fren n good luck..

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Honeydew Sago

OkOk.. now its dessert time.. the look doesnt look tat nice.. but some of u might try it b4.. lol.. its honeydew sago.. lol..

this is the water.. which is panda leaves n santan n sugar water..

the sago... i had used green colour tis time..

the honeydew.. cut into small pieces.. but u can change to other fruits..

tis is the outcome.. looks ugly but taste good.. lol..

if u wan u can add in some gula melaka to make it taste better n more aroma.. lol...

Homemade Noodles..

Well.. this is not the 1st time i made my own noodles.. hehe.. but i just took some pics to show u.. it took me bout 3 hours plus to make the noodles... ALONE.. 1KG of flour.. which is a LOT!!! n TIRING... but the outcome pays off.. hehe.. although it doesnt look tat good.. hehe..

after lots of hard work n strength used.. this is the dough which i had knead it into balls.. easier for me to make it into noodles later..

Add some flour to knead when u wanna roll them out n cut them..

roll it in the machine.. haha.. keep rollin rollin.. until its smooth

then u will end up something like this.. long n thin piece of dough.. or watever u call it

then cut it.. hehe.. i m making fettucini , chinese version is 板面

WALAh... tis is it... my home made noodles.. ^_^

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


i just wanna be frenz!!! tats all!! so hard to understand?!

now i dun wan anymore relationships.. just wan to be frenz with u...
perhaps for now.. coz i m not ready for any relationships..
mentally not ready yet.. hehe.. just hope to be frenz with u.. n c the things out..
pls.. as a frenz.. nobody wud avoid a fren unless he hates him.. so if u dun.. dun avoid me pls..

Saturday, May 12, 2007





Thursday, May 10, 2007


i tot i had done well enuf to score it.. but i think i did not do enuf..
i expect to score it.. even with the minimum marks to just score it.. coz i wan it badly..
i think not badly enuf i think.. n i m not putting all my 101% into it..
the higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointments..
it really hurts... i cant focus when i m driving home just now..
my mind just went blank when i saw it.. couldnt believe it..
couldnt believe tat i hadnt score for the subject i m most interested in n most confident one..
i guess i just have to accept the fact tat i m just not tat good.. or i m just too lazy...

*eating chocolate as my lunch.. chocolate can calm oneself n makes someone happy.. but tis time.. it din work..*

expect the unexpected next time.. u wud be happier.. n dun put too much expectations in something.. u will get hurt..

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


i din noe tat i had created the problem..
i din noe tat i arose him from ur heart..
i made a mistake.. a big one.. i m sorry..
now i noe the truth.. (i think)
maybe u nid some time.. n i shall leave u alone for a while..
sorry.. din meant to hurt u...

Saturday, May 05, 2007


think of you.. wat your feelings..
put myself in ur shoes to understand wat situation u are in..
care for u..
protect u..
be good to u..
act as though i wan to be treated in that same way as wat goes around comes around..
treat u sincerely..
learn to forgive and forget..
when u say u r alright, make sure u are really alright as u like to act tough n hide ur feelings but inside u are very weak n soft..
learn how to help u..

maybe i cant make u forget about him n i wont try to.. its ur memory.. part of ur sweetest memory.. its the memory that makes the person u r now.. but he is the past.. wat has passed had been passed.. look forward to the future.. there are a lot of ppl in the future waiting for u to cherish their lives... i noe tat i m waiting for tat to happen.. u can keep him deep down in ur heart.. but u have to make place for someone else.. its time to move on my dear.. i hate the ignorance and the avoidance u r giving me... pls dun do tat.. lets start of something new..

Friday, May 04, 2007


Everything is better this way.. will not proceed anymore.. this is happy enough for me, i think.. i just want to get to know more about you.. understand you more.. thats all.. lets just keep this relationship and fuck those Love Love thingy 1st.. i think its better for us to settle down with the relationship now 1st.. for some time at least.. and enjoy this very moment b4 jumping into deeper relationship..

everyone just like to jump into relationships just like that.. they want things fast.. like the trend nowadays.. everything fast fast fast... rush here n rush there.. and when it ends.. they wud whine that y become like this n tat..

we must take everything step by step.. make sure that you have step on it firmly and strongly and stable.. b4 getting on to another step.. n u must enojy n be happy with every step u make.. make sure u enjoy it to the fullest. if u find tat the step is not stable or insecure or does not suit u.. just try to make it work.. if not.. just stop right there.. bcoz as u go further.. u will fall n hurt urself.. if u follow the steps n be happy bout it.. i m sure one dayu will reach to the top n get ur reward.. this applies to a lot of aspects.. includes family, love, frenship, work, study etc.. as for relationships.. it will help u find the mr/ms right.. then u wud be happily together forever..

since i m talking bout this.. i wud like to talk a bit bout some econs.. or shud say management theory - motivation aspect.. its the Maslow's Hierachy of Needs.. basically it states that we have 5 levels of needs.. we must fulfill one b4 proceeding to the next level.. one must satisfy their basic needs b4 proceeding to higher needs..

I'll Stand by You

This is a song by 'The Pretenders' and Carrie Underwood also sings this too..
Very nice tis song.. wud like to dedicate this song to him..
i had put it on the playlist on the right -> just below my profile.. u can listen to it while reading my blog.. will change the song next week.. hope that you will enjoy and understand the words..

Oh, why you look so sad?
Tears are in your eyes
Come on and come to me now
Dont be ashamed to cry
Let me see you through
cause Ive seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you
You dont know what to do
Nothing you confess
Could make me love you less

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you

So if youre mad, get mad
Dont hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too
Well Im a lot like you
When youre standing at the crossroads
And dont know which path to choose
Let me come along
cause even if youre wrong

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And Ill never desert you
Ill stand by you

And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
Youre feeling all alone
You wont be on your own

Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you

Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And Ill never desert you
Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you
Ill stand by you

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Have u ever..

Have you ever fell in love with someone who can't forget about his/her ex?
Have you ever experience some intimidate actions with someone you like but in fact he/she just treat you as a fren?
Have you ever talk to someone that you like but he/she hides his/her feelings and thoughts from you?
Have you ever feel like meeting the one you like but he/she is bz n cant meet u? (ALWAYS!!!)

It SUCKS n i m experiencing all of it!!!

it always sucks when you like someone but that someone does not like u back.. but that does not stop me.. it wud be great if i cud love someone n get to noe tat someone bit by bit, day by day.. i wud spend my time n effort in getting to noe u better.. i learnt a lot of things from u.. although u din speak much.. i wud be happy if u wud try ur best in getting to noe me better..

i was wrong.. i shud not say to win u over.. u r a human.. n i love u.. so i cant use the word 'win'.. u r someone to me.. n tat someone is very important.. i dream of u last nite AGAIN.. duno y..
i duno if i m 3 minutes heat.. but i m for sure tat i wud like to get to noe u more n be with u more.. tat i m very sure.. really hope tat u wud open up ur heart.. let go of him... n prepare to let another in to make ur life fill with colours n wonders.. i really do hope tat i cud just go deep down inside n explore n make a mark so deep tat u cant forget me no matter wat happens.. hehe.. stupid me.. imagine too much le.. but i really do hope it wud happen.. well.. hopes motivate us to become happier n a better person.. rite ? anyway.. i just wan u to be happy always.. dun be sad always ya.. i will be there when u nid me..

Release of anger

there are lots of ways to release anger or stress.. and different ppl have different ways of doin it..

for example.. swearing, banging head on wall, pinching, biting, driving recklessly etc..

for me.. swearing is the best way.. one morning, i was sending my dad n sis to work.. my mom came along.. all of a sudden, a motorbike from my left swift to the right without warning or signals.. i cursed him, 'damn it! wan die izzit?'then my mom told me that i can't curse ppl die.. plus its early in the morning.. then i just kept quiet.. then she went on, 'if u wanna release ur anger.. just say 'diu nya sing!' i was not shocked bcoz me n my mom always talk about dirty jokes n swear words.. we take it as a joke or some entertainment.. nothing else.. so next time whenever ppl drive recklessly, dun curse them.. just say 'diu nya sing!'

another way is that singing while i m driving.. i like it very much.. but onli when i m alone..wud turn my cd player to full blast then i wud sing along while driving.. scream all i wan.. mostly during the nights.duno y.. ^_^

anyhow.. just find urself one way of release ur anger or stress.. u will be a happy person.. haha.. make sure its not something that wud harm other ppl..

I am BACK!!!

Lets start off with something happy..
these are my birthday presents ^_^
its a ring necklace.. i noe its very common.. but it means a lot to me and it looks AWESOME!!!
i got a teddy named 'sweetheart' , its the right one.. the left one wud be 'kapo' ..
n this is the most memorable one.. Haagen Daz fondue.. hehe.. in Penang!!!