Thursday, July 26, 2007

Nite's out

Last sat.. me n my siblings n cousins went for a dinner nite out.. we went to a restaurant call 'Jake's CHarbroil Steak' .. damn nice.. at Medan Damansara there.. another outlet at Starhill.. here is some of the things we ate..

Escargot Bourguignonne - RM 19 for 1/2 dozen..

Mexican Nachos - RM 15.90

Bombay Steak - Aged Sirloin(200gms) - RM 45.90

Aust. Grain-fed Sirloin (200gms) - RM 48.90

Carpet Bag ( Oyster and Bacon etc) - RM 88

Black Pepper Steak - Aged Sirloin(200gms) - RM 45.90

Aust. Grain-fed Beef Fillet of Spare Rib in BBQ Sauce (200gms) - RM 58.90

Aust Grain-fed Porterhouse (min 380 380gms) - RM 69

Cheese Cake - RM 9.90

Country-Style Hot Apple Pie Alamode - RM 8.90

Nutty Pecan Pie Alamode - RM 12.90

Chocolate Fudge Brownie Alamode - RM 8.90

the chef recommendations are Crispy Potato Skin (with crunchy vegetables, smoked beef & cheese) - RM 7.90 and Aust. Wagyu Beef.. prices range from RM162-188
after tat.. we went to Plaza Damas's Chill Bar for a drink.. we notice tat the glass tat they use is not straight.. slightly to another side..

Blue Lagoon which i ordered.. glass is slanting to one side..

those drinks we ordered...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Faith n Trust

faith (fāth)
1. Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.
2. Belief that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence.

trust (trʌst)
1. reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence.
2. confident expectation of something; hope.

Hhmm.. these two words.. sounds similiar.. sometiems i dun even noe how to differentiate it.. but the main point of this post is not it.. its about faith n trust..

Yesterday a fren of mine told me about his lover had sex with another one.. ist been on his mind for quite a while.. he tells me tat he duno wat to do..n he still loves his lover.. but he cant accept tat all these way he has been holding on to the faith for not betraying the lover instead the lover betrayed him.. he told me tat he knew it from the msn history.. hhmmm.. so its not from the lover's own mouth.. so i tot to myself.. since he is suffering.. he is asking for my help.. wat shud he do.. i told him tat.. watever i say, its always hard to listen.. it is bcoz he has made up his mind subconsciously.. but in his conscious mind.. he din noe wat he shud do.. so watever i said, he wud give excuses n everything.. saying tat its 1 year relationship.. i said.. so wat if its a one year relationship or 10 year.. its the same.. if u have lost faith n trust in him.. the relationship wont last long.. even if the lover tells him tat he did not have sex..will he believe ?

its all in the faith n trust.. all relationships are based on faith n trust.. we must trust the other half if we wanna maintain a long n good relationship.. in this case, if my fren ady have a subconscious mind tat the lover betrayed him, no matter wat the lover says, he will still thinks tat he betrayed him.. even they got back together, he will onli suffer as tis will be imprinted in his mind forever.. he will be more suspicious of the lover.. n tis will come to a break point sometime in the future.. same goes with the opposite, if he really trust him.. then even after reading the msn history, he wud think its ridiculous tat the lover betrayed him... n even if he ask the lover, watver the lover says.. even if the lover says he relaly betrayed him.. he wud say Nvm.. coz he trust the lover its just an accident or anything.. perhaps its something went wrong between both of them.. so he will try to figure out n fix it.. meanwhile will forgive him.. n have faith in the lover tat the lover will come back to him n be loyal to him.. but tis doesnt apply when the lover goes out hunting for sex etc one after another.. wat is greater than the power of forgiving rather than throwing temper at them.. have u ever tot tat why he went out ? maybe bcoz its something happened between both of u but u dun realise it ? so figure it out n fix it.. no matter wat happen.. it happens for a reason n the cause of it often relates to u, urself..

another incident is wat my lecturer told us.. actually the moral value is not bout trust n faith.. but it oso can be link.. ^_^ the story goes like tis.. there is two acrobats.. they are gonna perform a stunt.. one have to hold a LLLOOOONNNNGGG ladder while the other one climbs on top of it.. without any string attached.. the one tat climb up told the one holding the ladder : ' pls take care of me' actually.. tis stories tells us tat.. no matter wat.. we are on our own.. as long as we do our part.. there wont be anything happen.. if the one tat holds the ladder well.. n the one climbs it without tripping or being too shaky.. there wud not be any problem for the stunt to be completed.. we must play our part n roles well in life.. depending on wat situation.. we just suit to tat situation n play tat role well.. just like lecturers n students.. if the lecturer doesnt teach well, even the students are hardworking, i m sure tat the result is not tat good.. vice versa.. but if the lecturer n students work well.. do their part well.. i msure the resuts wud be better!!

the story of the acrobats oso tells tat we must have faith in each other.. ur partner, ur family, ur frenz.. etc.. if the one climbing the ladder doesnt have faith in the one holding it.. he wud just be too scared to do the stunt or might create problems to it.. vice versa.. hehe.. it goes the same in relationship as i mentioned above n etc.. a lot of things on earth is based on trust n faith.. we all do have faith tat the sun will continue to rise in the morning n the moon will come out at nite.. tis is wat we all have faith n believe in.. we oso have faith n trust tat our frenz will be still with us no matter wat happens.. n they will come n look for us n still remembers us!

so tis is faith n trust.. its very very very important.. oh ya.. from faith n trust , its being confidence n next power, will, dream etc..

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I have watched the 200 pounds beauty.. hhmm.. quite funny n interesting.. we must not forget who we are.. even in watever situation or with anyone.. we are wat we believe.. we must not forget n abandon our family, fren, personalities etc despite of the job or social life or status.. we are nothing without them.. judging someone by its cover is really really bad.. n its kinda like a norm in this world..

Dun judge a book by its cover, dun judge a man by his cock, dun judge a woman by her boobs.. hhmm.. or make it tis way.. dun judge a cock by its size.. ^_^ watever it is.. never ever judge someone by its appearance.. i noe tat the 1st impression is very important.. but beside tat.. there are other qualities in a person tat we must treasure n seek...

net frenz.. hhmm.. i met a lot of them.. i even met lots of unknown frenz.. in a party or gathering or a function.. it is often the norm tat one reacts n communicate the same way in reality n the net world... but if all due of respect.. it doesnt turn out as wat it is expected.. a lot of ppl reacts differently when they are in front of the pc compare with face to face communication.. One may be fluent n quite daring n 'outgoing' in the net but when u go out with him/her, it is the opposite.. he will be very timid n quiet.. or the other way round.. one may be very quiet on the net.. some might say tat he is kinda arrogant.. but when u meet them in real.. its totally the opposite..he is kinda warm n sweet n friendly.. so dun judge a person onli by looking at one perspective.. for instance.. their way of talking..

another one is by their looks n appearance.. there two kinds of rich man based on appearance.. one is the normal one tat goes 'show off' to everyone tat he is very rich.. n another one is like other citizens.. wear normal clothes..or perhpas dirty n untidy clothes.. y ? to hide the truth of being rich ? too damn lazy or not into fashion? u judge it.. LOL.. in relationship or sometimes for jobs, it is often tat ppl look for looks.. they wan a hensam/cute/pretty/nice body shape bf/gf/staff.. i wonder why.. so does tat mean all the not so good looking ones will be single n unemployed?! tis is ridiculous. but its kinda true.. luckily there are still ppl hu look for the qualities in one..

God is kinda fair to us.. nobody is perfect.. if one is good looking.. sure there is something missing in him.. maybe he is stupid? brainless? or stinks.. hu noes. if one is ugly.. sure he is kinda smart or good at singing or have other skills.. special n good skills... like the chinese saying goes 'big boobs(girls) dun have brains' no offence though.. tats wat the saying goes.. i dun deny tat there are a lot of powerful n great women out there.. so dun u dare to judge someone by looking at one perspective.. u must seek n c the whole person from different angle..

hhmmm.. u must be confident in ur self. the chinese always says 'God bring u to this world for a special reason, u have ur own part to do in this world'.. everyone is useful n attractive in a particular way.. some in a lot of ways.. tis doesnt mean tat u wait for the God to decide everything for u.. u must work hard in watever u do.. to attract ppl n b more useful to the society.. hu noes wat u might do to other ppl with just a simple thing.. believe in urself.. i m sure tat someone agrees with u.. i always believe tat i m cute n smart n attractive in a way.. HAHAHHAHA.. some might agree some might disagree.. HECK CARES!! LOL.. i believe in myself n i do my best in wat ever i do.. n sometiems give more than tat.. n be happy.. tis is life.. ^_^