Wednesday, January 16, 2008

1st Judo class

AWWWW!!! i cant feel my arms & legs anymore!!!

i got a msg from Cedric asking how i was n was i paralyze or gonna kick the bucket.. >.<" well.. at least he still takes note of me and cares bout me.. LOL.. not complaining.. i wonder if anyone even notices me.. ^.^ okok.. back to the topic..

i went for my 1st JUDO class yesterday evening! WEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... after months of persuasion n busy schedule n duties to attend, i finally went for my 1st class!! Bon & Jin joined it earlier on.. all 3 of us are supposed to join together at the same time.. but.. shit happened..LOL.. i joined later.. hehe...

1st class... nervous of coz! i dun even noe wat to do.. dun really noe the road to the Sports Centre.. aiks.. n the jam really not helping it at all! plus i had heard a lot from Bon & Jin bout all the crazy things they did.. OMG! SCARY~!!!! then the time had came.. stepped into the dojo.. not bad after all.. LOL.. borrowed a uniform know as Ghi(duno how to spell but it sounds like tat).. it was fucking heavy! like few KGs of cotton!! damn it..

class started by Tom ( one of the sensei ) teaching us some techniques.. couldnt get it coz its onli my 1st class.. ARGHH!!! blurry.. LOL.. hope i can get used to it.. then i was taken aside to learn the basic moves.. while Bon n others practice.. yeah yeah.. the basic moves!! which is HOW TO FALL!!! cool eh? i learn ways of falling without hurting myself.. at 1st it was Tom hu taught me.. it was ok.. getting the moves slowly.. then he asked me to practice alone.. okok.. then the old sensei came!!! >.<" 1st.. i m freaking scared of him.. 2nd is tat i barely could get wat he was saying... all i hear is 'buttocks, roll, straight.. n NO!!!!' LOL.. about 15 minutes with the old sensei.. b4 the class dismiss...

yeah... i just learnt how to fall.. good way of starting.. then while i was walking down the stairs leaving.. my legs are like WEAK!! like no strength at all.. cant feel my legs.. WOW! i cant blif tat JUDO can do this to me.. LOL.. COOL!!!! at nite. i couldnt sleep .. coz i was thinking bout all the moves.. LOL.. make sure i dun forget any part of it.. hehe.. today woke up.. i just cant feel my arms n legs anymore.. damn painfuL!!!! argh... wat to do.. as they say, no pain no gain.. LOL.. looking forward to the next lesson next week!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

20 Silly/crazy things i do

Hhmmm.. 20 years old tis year... out of the teenage years.. i m not a teen anymore!!!
its tat a good thing? or a bad thing? duno.. dun care.. i just live my life to the fullest onli.. okok.. so i had something in my mind.. feel like trying to let everyone noe more bout me.. start by listing 20 ( coz 20 yo) silly/crazy things i do....

1. when i walk past my parents at the sink washing their dishes, sometimes i will pinch their ass :x
2. talk to my pets like they are my best fren.. tell them everything tat i have encountered...
3. eat 8 meals a day during hols.. breakfast, 2nd breakfast, lunch, tea, early dinner, late dinner, supper and 2nd supper..
4. buy dozens of books but only read them once in a blue moon
5. lie on the floor face down not doing anything out of boredom
6. sneak out around 3-5am just to buy something to eat
7. sit at shopping malls' seats and look at people... how they dress, how they carry themselves, hu are they with..
8. call my house phone from my room with HP to get my mom/sis to lower down the TV volume although its just few feets away
9. move from library -> com lab -> McD -> centrepoint -> canteen -> fren house -> college lobby just to get internet connection to play CS with two other frenz
10. piss from my balcony all the way down when i was 6/7 yo (staying on the 3rd floor)
11. imagine i m some super heroes n start fighting with my imaginary companions against my imaginary foes... each time diff hero diff power diff story...
12. spend whole day taking pics of myself in the room. alternating all the clothes in my cupboard n changing my hairstyle to suit my look.
13. throw popcorn at ppl in the cinema
14. scream loudly under the water at the pool
15. pull the noodle as high as possible just to find the end of the noodle to put into the spoon b4 eating it
16. make funny noises when i m too bored . esp lying on the bed
17. open the freezer n put my head inside when the weather is too hot
18. lie on the floor/grass/on top of my car just to stare at the night/day sky
19. dance/make some silly moves all out of a sudden when i m bored
20. do head/hand stand on my bed OR put all my arms n legs up while i m lying on the bed just to get myself tired n sleep

well.. i guess tat its not very silly/crazy after all.. i bet some of u might just say tat watever i do its just silly/crazy.. hhmm.. hu cares.. i like to do wat i do.. LOL

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year Resolution 2008

1. Be fit fit n leng leng!

2. go for judo classes
3. get an external hard disk
4. read all the books i bought ( 28 unread ones)
5. sleep early ( by 12am)
6. eat healthily
7. dun bitch too much
8. grow up n careless bout others business
9. appreciate more of my family and close frenz
10. sing well