Sunday, October 14, 2007

Secrets & Trusts

Wat are secrets ? Wat are personal things?

there are things that should be kept and remain as something that is to be vanish in the world. nobody else should know about it, except urself or ur better half.. but sometimes ur better half would just leave u n use it against u... or perhaps ur best fren.. n ur best fren might just use it against u.. hu noes ? hu can say tat someone can be and will be ur best fren forever n keep those dirty lil dark secrets till it goes into the earth with us...

someone told me tat keep ur frenz close, but keep ur enemy closer... reason? to study them n read every single movement ??? i duno.. but i ought to find it out..
someone told me tat ur best frenz is the worst enemy u wud ever have.. reason? they are the ppl hu noes all ur dirty lil dark secrets.. sometimes they noe u better more than u urself noe..
so there is a dilemma here.. keep ur enemy closer n ur best fren is ur worst enemy.. so ur best fren shud be very very very close to u.. but with one condition tat he might betray u in the future.. or perhaps hurt u... they are far more worse than ur lover cheat on u if they wanna hurt u.. the pain is unbearable sometimes...

i used to trust ppl easily.. which i end up getting hurt n bad mouth at... b4 i enter the chatroom, my god bro told me to becareful n beware of all the ppl i meet there.. i laughed n said to him 'i will take k de lar.. i m big enuf to noe hu to trust .....' BAM! now i lost the battle by trusting someone hu i stil cant figure out hu betrayed me.. hhmmm.. or shud i say play me as a puppet or seek revenge on me.. i shouldnt have trusted so many ppl so easily.. now i learned my lesson tru the hard way... well.. i duno n dun wanna find out hu is tat one hu did tis to me.. its not tat important after all... i have to be responsible oso.. as it all started with me.. i m the one hu trust the wrong person n say things without using my brain, if i have one...

my mouth is always the trouble maker for me.. aiks.. i often talk a lot or crap a lot till everyone starts to get annoyed with me... the content, the tone etc... really annoying sometimes i guess... i m always self centered... always think of 'me-me-me'.. wat i wan n wat i nid.. i have never tot of wat other ppl think n nid.. aiks.. n my mouth always bad mouth at ppl.. which is y i got the nick name 'sei 8 po' recently in class..

after the incident yesterday, i shall keep my mouth shut n keep all the secrets n personal things to myself.. n i wont bad mouth anyone anymore.. trust ppl? LOL.. i wont trust anyone now... except myself.. I myself is the onli one i can trust now... its always better to have a limit to wat n to how far i trust someone now... dun wanna get something like tat happened again... ever!