Friday, March 28, 2008

The word : FUCK

Few days back, i have changed my msn title to 'Desmond - I'm Fucked Up'... this has startled quite a bit of people as i was getting messages like ' who fuck you?' or 'so you are not virgin anymore?'... my reaction was like What The Fuck!? lol... i was surprised with their responses. I think they might have misunderstood my saying of 'I'm Fucked Up' with 'I Got Fucked'... so this triggers me to teach you guys a lesson....

Please leave this page if you are offended by the word FUCK or you are under the age of 18. thanks.. i wont hold any responsibility against those who had trauma or whatever u have after reading this.

The word i am teaching today is : FUCK
It is a vulgar slang. It means that to engage in sexual intercourse.

1. Act as Verb
example : Alvin fucks Dessie.
2. Act as Noun
example : Dessie is a fine fuck.
3. Act as Adjective
example : Desmond is fucking handsome.
4. Shows ignorance
example : Fuck if I know.
5. Shows trouble
example : I guess I am fuck now
6. Shows aggression
example : Fuck you!
7. Shows displeased
example : What the fuck is wrong with you?
8. Shows difficulty
example : I can't understand this fucking word
9. Shows incompetence
example : He is a fuck off
10. Shows suspicion
example : What the fuck you doing?
11. Shows enjoyment
example : I had a fucking time
12. Shows as a request
example : Get the fuck out of here!
13. Shows hostility
example : I am going to knock your fucking head off!
14. Shows greeting
example : How the fuck are you ?
15. Shows apathy
example : Who gives a fuck ?

Phrasal Words
Fuck off
1. Angry dismissal
example : Get the fuck off my face!
2. spend time idly
example : I am just fucking off around the house
3. to masturbate
example : I am fucking off while watching porno

Fuck over
1. to treat unfairly : take advantage of
example : He fucked over me in order to get job
2. get over with
example : Get the fuck over with it will ya?

Fuck up
1. to make a big mistake
example : I am fucked up due to the recent assignment
2. to act carelessly
example : I had fucked up in that exam

I am not a pro in it... just to tell what i know only. hehe.. dont scold me oh... :)

Friday, March 21, 2008

Gained Weight

Today i was at the hospital for my dad's usual check up... damn it was so boring... poor ma.. what to do.. have to go to the Government Hospital for it.. haiz... wait lo.. still got what.. i was there from 7am till 2pm! this is consider as fast.. can you believe it ?! so pls!!! if you have extra money, pls save it up or buy insurance for your medical expenses next time.. *touch wood* but the thing is that its in our life cycle.. being ill.. hehe.. so you are just preparing for it.. so next time when you need the money, you have it already in your acc to go for private hospital.. no long queue, no long hours of waiting, no bad services, no bitter faces, no smelly toilets.... ARGH! lol.

so so so.. the thing is that, i was so bored that i was walking around the hospital. then i saw a weighing machine.. or should it be weighing scale ? so i just hop on to it.. coz for the past 7 years, my weight (and height) remains the same... 50KG 160CM... so i wasnt scared or anything.. but then once i was on the damn thing! i saw the figure went ' 60!!!' OMG!!!!! i couldnt believe it!!!! i just jump off the thing n start to give myself lots of excuses.. like the bottle i am carrying, the books i am holding , the shit i was suppose to let go that morning etc etc etc.. so when i came back.. i weigh again.. 55KG!!! damn damn damn... i have grown FATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

from now on, i am going on a diet! vegetarian diet and lots of exercises.. i hope i can lose that spare tyre and extra weight i just gained.. ggrrrr....

Before : 50KG / After : 55KG

Monday, March 17, 2008

Five Fucks

Just after some complains from my fren bout relationships.. n i heard of it a lot..

Fuck those who cheats on their other half!
Fuck those who still controls the other party even after break up!
Fuck those who stops other people from falling in love or getting to know the ex!
Fuck those who does not even cherish and appreciate what he/she has and complains that he/she is lonely and nobody cares bout them
Fuck those who revenge on their ex with dirty plans n things! ( the only revenge which is allowed is to live a better life than your ex and during the time you and your ex were together, this is what i call a super nice revenge if u insist on one)

I know a lot of people might hate me.. coz i know a lot of people who does the 5 things i mentioned.. i know your own life and you have your own right to live it however you want. anyway, if you are doing so, just don't freaking come near to me to have those things done on me! thanks... and in the end... may KARMA comes back to u ^.^

Friday, March 14, 2008

Put Your Head On My Shoulder ~

Put your head on my shoulders
Hold me in your arms, baby
Squeeze me oh so tight
Show me that you love me too.

Put your lips next to mine, dear
Won't you kiss me once, baby
Just a kiss good-night
Maybe you and I will fall in love.

Some people say that love's a game
A game you just can't win.
If there's a way
I'll find it some day
And then this fool will rush in.

Put your head on my shoulder
Whisper in my ear baby
Words I want to hear tell me
Tell me that you love me too.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


This year, fortune teller foretells that people who are born in the Dragon Year aka Dragons are prone to accident. Erm... its like the chances of meeting up with an accident is higher than others. These accidents not only referring to car accidents but to all kind of accidents. So, Dragons... watch out and be careful! Drive safely ans slowly... its not wrong to be slow.. just be patience this year! Superstitious? LOL... Up to you to believe it or not.. but i do.. :P

My fren, Bon met with an car accident 2 days ago. Damn he was damn lucky. Reason?
1. the guy he bumped into could have died or injured severely if Bon did not turn the car away
2. the guy is someone of the patience and soft type (well mannered and no foul languages or cursing)
3. Bon would have died/ injured severely if the air bag did not pop up

the pic below is wat leftover of his car...

Frankly speaking, its the other guy's fault. LOL.. not to say that i am helping my fren. but its true. well.. this is Bon's 3rd accident in 2008. God, if you are there, pls smack Bon to make him realise that driving fast is BAD! *evil grins* well.. luckily both of them are not injured. just some bruises here and there. Adding this accident to my list, which i do not wish to count(not a pleasant one) this would be the 12th accident i heard of this year. 10 of them are Dragons n i m one of them :( still a stupid dent on the left side of my car ...

Moral of the story ? drive safely! let it be slow as long as it is safe. Biarkan lambat asalkan selamat ^.^ and be careful when you guys do anything too! esp Dragons!!! oh ya.. the fortune teller says that to minimize the risk, one can do more charity or donation work. Esp blood donation :)

Monday, March 03, 2008


Continuing from my previous post.. hhmmm.. tat day i just found out something extraordinary about me.. LOL..

okok.. this is right after i played badminton.. my frenz n i were sitting down resting.. sweating like a pig of coz.. n i SUCK at playing badminton.. LOL.. well, at least i m trying hard n enjoying the process although being laughed at.. hehe.. so... below is the conversation..

Fren A : Desmond, u look nice when u sweat hor?
Me : *puzzled* Har?
Fren B : What do u mean by that ?
Me : Yaloh.. sweat oso can look nice?
Fren A : Yeah.. Havent u seen before ppl hu look sexy n seductive when they sweat? n some ppl just look nice when they sweat..
Fren B : *evil grins* yeah.. sexy n seductive....
Me : Not Porn Stars u bitch!

hhmmm.. somehow i partially agree with her that some ppl do look nice when they sweat.. when some ppl sweat.. they have this sweaty look.. their face will be redder n their hair wud be wet till a certain level.. plus... the sense of sweat will attract n intrigues the hormon in ppl's body to attract n intrigue other ppl's hormon.... hhmmm.. y do u think perfume can attract ppl? not bcoz they smell nice but they include human sweat in it! its true.. LOL..

So... seriously.. do i look hot n sexy n seductive when i m wet n sweaty ? hehe...