Monday, September 07, 2009


In many situations, confidence play an important role. Sometimes what differentiate success and failure is confidence. Of course, it can be acted out, only by professionals in such areas. However, it can easily be spotted by anyone if there isn't confidence in that someone.

I, myself has very low self confidence. Especially when socializing with people I may not know and who are older and more knowledgeable. Hence, I would be very quiet. My instinct was to sit quietly to avoid being laughed at. Moreover, I would also listen carefully to what they have to say to gather information and knowledge, observe the situation to make suitable conversations. However, when I am with my close buddies, I would be the one who is talking non stop. I would love to be the center of attention. This would be a skill that I need to polish by the end of the year. for my own good.

When it comes to singing and dancing, I love the both of it ! just that the confidence level inside me is so low that I don't think I have even let anyone see me dancing! Singing perhaps only a few people. I had a dream of performing on stage - singing and WOW the crowd with my singing. And go to clubs and dance till the spotlight shines on me !

Confidence... This is what I have when it comes to things that I am very sure of, things that I know. Give me strength. I am in the process of gaining such confidence in every single area to outshine others and grab that opportunity before it fades.