Monday, April 10, 2006


Haihz!!!! VERY FAN AR!!!!!

i duno if i shud go for college or not?? i cant decide leh.. i noe i m running out of time.. n everyone is fed up listening to me about colleges n stuff.. haihz.. i oso duno leh..

based on my financial background n family background.. i think its better for me to go form 6 n go to Uni.. actually i wanna go to Uni.. its one of my wishes to go into a Uni leh... but i dun wanna go to form 6.. i duno y.. it just freaks me out... haihz.. the other alternatif is go into matriculation.. but i had miss my chance at it!!! aiks.. y din i get to noe wats matri last time?? so other one is go to college lor.. onli stamford got full scholarship for me.. erm.. actually i din apply much.. n ktar n utar n those college tat hav the free waiver thing de.. i mean auto free waiver de.. i dun feel like goin to college.. the amount of money is too much.. i cant take it.. haihz..

u guys might think my parents can de... lidat lar.. sure can de.. they got plans de.. tell u the truth : THEY CANT!!!! i had discuss with them LOTS of time d.. haihz.. plus.. shud i choose accounting program?? coz a lot of ppl ask me to do it.. u noe me lar.. my basic accounting skills is not tat good.. n i dun really like accounting.. so how do i goin to cope with it n score?? they told me tat interest can b accumulate... i duno.. is there any subject is accounting + admin + marketing??? i noe its a 3major degree.. hehe.. but.. really got meh? which college/ uni??

guys... i duno wat program to choose.. business?? culinary arts?? hotel management?? designing?? i m interested in everything!!!! WAHAHAHA.. u guys would noe it.. okok.. tis is wat my bro told me..
1. culinary arts/hotel management:i must b prepared to get away from my social life coz of its working time.. n its very hard job.. very san fu..
2. designing : i must b prepare to work late hours n i MUST b talented... aiks... i m out of tis d.. coz i m not very outstanding n talented.. hehe..
3. business : accounting is da best... less work more pay.. admin is quite common(competitive).. marketing hard job.. common too.. haihz..
BUT BUT BUT.. i choose d business.. hehe.. just duno wt to do onli.. haha.. help me!!!

OKOK... help me.. esp those ady graduated or older than me de... got exp de..
1. which path shud i take??
2. wat course in business??

HEHE.. dun vomit blood wor.. i noe i m very mafan la.. hehe...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

i m stupid too!!

aiks.. second post of so many months.. hehe...suddenly so many things to say leh...

guys n girls!!! i m very blur de.. i m not good in everything de.. okie?? i maybe good in somethings coz i had some experience or knowledge bout it.. n now onli i knew i m not easy to get adapt to new surroundings.. hehe... really.. i dun adapt tat fast.. haihz.. i m very blur blur.. i pick up things very slow de.. so if u ask me do something i duno.. i will look n act blur!!! dun get angry o.. i m kinda stupid de..

n n n ... dun think i m superman o.. i noe how to do everything lidat.. if u think i will noe how to do things without ppl teaching me.. u r wrong.. i MAYBE good after u teach.. but i m not tat kind of ppl hu can learn by just watching without ppl teaching..i m not tat kind of genius.. some ppl can just learn stuff by looking at it..or rather observe... or hearing it.. but i m not...something i think i can la.. but limited things onli.. hehe.. so... pls b patient.. n take some time to teach me if u really wan me to get to it.. dun get angry n grumpy okie??? i noe i m blur n stupid.. dun put too much expectations on me...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Hhmmm.... so long din blog d lor.. bout one month?? lol..

tis few days i feel 'weird'.. duno leh.. haihz... coz i see many things.. too many i think.. hehe... i just realise so many things.. haihz.. hate it sometimes... u noe everytime u nag bout something n talk bad bout something?? or even whine bout something bad had happen to u? or u feel unfair?? now i noe d... i noe tat we must not see the bad side of things.. must see it from the good side... always look on da bright side lo..

these few months.. many things happen to me.. i knew too many things.. maybe i m big enuf.. so ppl started to tell me bout things... things i din noe.. or dun even knew tat it could be real! real sad to noe it.. for somethings la... after watching 'i not stupid too'... it really makes me think so many things leh... nice movie.. watch it.. haha... i actually cried few times... funny n touching... the things they say there very true n great... love it..

hhmmm... so many things i said up there.. but i duno wat i m talking about.. lol.. after i noe some truth.. i start to accept it.. n tis is now i knew tat its not easy to accept the truth!!! everytime i watch tv, then something bad happen... then i wud think: no need lidat gua.. where got so kua cheong... how can ppl b so sad for so long leh? or how come ppl get metally ill/become psycho after they knew something leh??? now onli i knew y.. how hard is it.. haihz.. maybe i m trying to run away from it... i duno.. but i m scare.... i noe it will happen someday.. n for some.. i noe it had passed.. so it doesnt matter.. but but but.. i cant afford to take it!!! I M VERY SCARE!!!!

haihz.. frenz.. some of u might say take it easy.. but... i noe its easy to say n to b done lor... coz last time i might tell u guys ok la.. nothing la.. everything will b alright.. but but but... its actually very hard to deal with the truth!!! i m not telling anybody wats all the matters... but i will tell.. one person... onli... n its not chuan.. dun force him lor... its really some HUGE secrets!!! sorry coz i cant tell.. haihz.. feel really down...