Thursday, June 26, 2008


Bastard : Hey Bitch, let's go or lunch together !
Bitch : Ok Bastard! But where ?
Bastard : The 'Have Sex' Cafe just around the corner.
Bitch : Sounds good but i need to go to the ATM machine to get some money first.
Bastard : Okay~!

*At the ATM*

Bitch : SHIT! I forgot my PIN number !
Bastard : Hhhmmmm.. calm down and try this number '114967'
Bitch : Hey! It works! damn you! how would you know my PIN number?!

okokokokok.. its a super super super lame conversation up there.. the main point is.....
i want to bring up the issue about some common mistakes most people do. 1st of all, i would like to share with you the full name for ATM and PIN :

ATM : Automated Teller Machine
PIN : Personal Identification Number

the mistake is that, most people would like to say 'ATM machine' and 'PIN number'. this is a very wrong thing to do. It is because the 'M' in 'ATM' means MACHINE. By saying 'ATM machine' it means Automated Teller Machine machine. its repeated ! same goes for 'PIN number'. the 'N' in 'PIN' means NUMBER. By saying 'PIN number' means Personal Identification Number number. Its repeated AGAIN!

of co there are still others.. but i onli can think of this two.. :X

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Just a pic of the recent me...

After two months of war with the assignments and exams, i am back into BLOGGING again ! woo hoo!!! *wonders how long it will last me again* Recently i have picked up a quite expensive sport.. which is rock climbing.. well of cause, i went for the indoor rock climbing @ Camp 5, 1 Utama...

It is very interesting and exciting. It is all based on trust and believe. Just like how you would live your life. It's all about trust and believe :) just a single rope which holds you and your partner. You have to trust your partner on your life there. Vice versa.Team work comes in as well... Believe is when you are so exhausted, and you feel like quitting it, then your partner or fren yell ' Go on! you can do it ! ' which it works! you want to push yourself to the limit, and beyond that limit... climb till the top.. the feeling when you reach at the top its unbelievable !

Ok.. enough for the rock climbing thing. This morning, i dream of something really really really horrifying. Have you ever tried so hard to reach for something or goal in life, and in the last minute, you failed ? I know I should be appreciate the process and not care about the result. But, still, there is still this sadness and guilt in you that you cant reach that goal / something. Actually i dream of this............

i saw this 'something' i wanted so badly at the top of the cliff. At 1st, it is so hard to reach as it is so far. then without thinking or using any tools, i went and climb the cliff. Which it doesnt makes sense if i went to put on safety tools and all, it's a dream after all. I climb and climb.. its so tiring.. so so so tiring. i wanted to give up. but i heard someone yelling ' Go on! you can do it ! I support you! ' instantly i knew who was that. i can recognise that voice. haha.. then i went on and on. When i was almost at the top, its just so near that i can touch the 'something' i wanted.. suddenly i saw that someone beside me came and wanted to grab that 'something' away from me. i was so terrified! i use all my strength to jump up onto the cliff to get that 'something'.. the feeling was so nice when i got it.. OMG.. i felt so happy!! finally it is MINE!!!!

suddenly, i woke up... DAMN! the feeling of sadness seeps into me.... again.... i just remembered that last night the news of that 'something' is unable to be owned/achieved by me.. the dream its just something in my subconscious mind that shows how i want it to be....