Thursday, July 17, 2008


Illness finds its way in by the mouth, careless talk makes trouble...

>.<" I always face this trouble because i always tend to talk faster than my brain works... or should i say that i always talk without using my brains... aiks... i always thought that people may think the same as me.. but then, it turns out not as so... i always treats is as a joke. however, not everyone sees it like that.. i have learnt that everything isnt how we see it onli.. there are diff dimension and sides to it.. what we see isnt what they see..

This is why i always get into trouble.. i always talk non stop.. teasing people.. and treat it as a joke.. this is what makes me get into trouble often.. no doubt it might entertain other ppl to a certain extend.. however.. i am making fun on someone's pain or unfortunate.. i din think about how they would feel.. no respect to them...

i always thought that ppl buwee me when they treat me harshly and tease me and make fun of me.. i feel sad about it.. i always complain about it.. but never do i ever thought that it is what i do to other ppl as well >.<" haiz... after all these.. i feel bad and guilty.. i hope that everyone out there forgive me for this.. i will improve on this... ^.^ hope that it isnt too late...

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It is really really really hard to make decisions... especially when it comes to things that might change your whole life. I am caught between two choices... I really really really do not know how to choose.. >.<" I can't breathe, I can't sleep, I can't eat, I can't concentrate... Am i expecting too much ? do I really know what i want ? If only i could answer these questions......... HAIZZZZZZZzzzz...

' like the job u work, not work the job u like '

' beggars can't be choosers '

' it's better to love the one that loves u more than you do, rather than love the one that doesnt love you '

' 我只在乎曾经拥有,不在乎天长地久 ' -> I cared about only once had, did not care about for ever and ever..

' 虽然轰轰烈烈的爱让人觉得很回味和难忘,可是细水长流的爱,才能让人刻苦铭心...' ->Although the imposing love lets the human think it's unforgettable, but the love that is well maintained and long lasting, can let the human be unforgettably engraved on one's mind assiduously..

面对一份真情,谁又能轻易舍弃。情深为谁,守候为谁,等待为谁,谁是谁的谁?-> Facing true feelings, who can discard easily. Affectionate for who, waits for who, who is whose who?

All these.... really messed my mind up.. i don't even know what to do and which to follow.. AIKS.. this is one of the time when too many advices and theories kill me.. >.<"

I must really learn to let go~ if not i can't accept and try this one in front of me....

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Letting go......

When you learn to let go, it's time for you to pick up something new or better ^.^
Letting go isn't giving up, it's just preparing for a better future / grabbing hold of opportunities ^.^

If you are grabbing hold to a rusty bar of steel, and there is a bar of gold on the floor. What would you do ? Very simple, just get rid of the rusty steel bar by letting it go in order to grab the gold bar. Well, only if you want to grab hold to something better ^.^ If your choice is to hold on to whatever you have and let the opportunity slides away, then you can hold on to your rusty steel bar.

I am not saying that letting go something is giving up on it or showing that you are weak. Perhaps the timing isn't right to just hold on to that something/someone. If it's really hard getting a grip at the thing/someone, perhaps letting go it's a better choice. By letting go, you will be open to wider/better options. By letting go, you will be able to give yourself more time and effort to improve yourself to suit that something/someone. There is a saying about someone slowing down to rest isn't stopping the journey, he is just preparing for a much tougher road ahead. By looking at the situation, we should be able to identify whether its good to hold on to something/someone or not. If you can't try to step back and take a good look at the whole picture. Then you will have a clearer view of what you want and what suits you best.

By letting you go now, i am not giving up on you. I am just resting and preparing myself for you as i see there is a better future for the both of us if i let you go now. I will awe you in amazement when the time comes and make you to want, need and choose me without a second thought. ^.^

Monday, July 07, 2008

Attention Craver...

I like attentions... of coz good ones... but not the embarrassing ones.. lol... a lot of ppl would do a lot of things just to get attentions.. well.. sometimes i do.. this is something bad.. its how you look at it though...

Its good to attract attention if you know what you are doing and its giving benefits to others as well.. Its annoying to be trying to grab attentions if its overdone.. sometimes i did that.. and get a lot of hatred towards me.. lol..

i love being the centre of attention.. it makes me feel that i am so important.. so smart and nice.. :x the feeling is awesome ! hhmmm.. i must get rid of that mindset bcoz lately its killing me.. bringing a lot of bad things towards me.. haha.. >.<" well.. i must learn when to be the centre of attention.. and when not to.. by saying at the right time and right things.. :)

i like attention mainly bcoz i am lack of confident in myself and i hate being lonely.. its true.. sometimes i feel that i am a rubbish that doesnt do anything.. i do not contribute and i dont know ANYTHING at all!! i dont like to eat alone, watch movies alone.. i rather starve myself or sleep at home than doing these two things alone.. lol.. but i enjoy sitting at some cafe alone sipping coffee and reading books or online.. hhmmm.. perhaps its a form of attention craving too.. LOL!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Random Thoughts...

Sometimes. i just felt that there are somethings in this world that you can only dream of. the higher the expectation the greater the disappointment.. hhmm.. perhaps i sound a bit of a pessimist here.. but isnt it true ?

There are things on this earth that you DESIRE to have... but how many will achieve such desires ? nobody knows... i cant say that the possibilities are none.. but the possibilities are definitely low when it comes to these things. for examples : people desire for a model-looking other half with a super duper good personality.. people desire to be Donald Trump.. people desire to be Thomas Edison... people desire to be as rich as Bill Gates.. but then.. how many model-looking with a super duper good personality there are in this world ? How many no.1 businessman in da US are there ? How many great inventors are there ? How many No.1 richest guy on earth are there ?!?!?!?!

We often set our visions as high as it is.. i read somewhere before that visions are supposed to be set at an achievable stage. Not too far till it is impossible.. We often dream o having those things.. being these peoples... but who knows if they ever wish to be you ? or someone else who wish to be you when in the same time you wish to be someone else ?! Take for example, when you look for a husband... you desire someone with a model features outlook.. with warm smile and dimples.. watery eyes.. big broad strong arms.. tight abs... sings well, plays instruments, knowledgeable, smart, rich, caring, sweet, funny etc etc... its nice to meet and have such a guy as ur husband... but then... how many can have it ? often, someone you like and fall for and suit you da most... doesnt possess so many qualities that yo have set... there is a chinese saying which says it '最适合你的可能不是最贵或最美的,而是那个让你觉得最开心舒适的'..

All i am saying is that.. you must appreciate what you have and who is there around you that really cares you and love you.. once the chance has passed... there isnt much you can do about it.. And perhaps that someone you trying to woo wants all these qualities.. but u know you are not near that.. dont give up.. give it a try... try your best.. take your most sincere and loving heart out.. you wont know what you will get in return.. just try... :)

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Flu and Cold

Gosh! Recently, the weather is killing ! It has turned crazy !!! Day time super duper hot, but during the night, it's freezing due to raining... Due to this factor and my weak body, i am down with cold AGAIN! I hate it when i am caught with cold.. ARGHHHhhhhhh.... everyone who knows me well and long enough would know that i am ALWAYS down with cold.. :P

If you ask 10 people ( non medic ) , i think 8 of them wouldnt know the difference between cold and flu. Or perhaps its just me who doesnt know ? hhmmmm.. lol... well.. finally i made it clear.. it's both different sickness but it has similar symptoms.

They are both cause by different viruses. Generally, flu is worse than cold. People who caught flu will have fever, body aches, extreme tiredness and sometimes dry cough and sore throat. Where as people who caught cold, they would have a runny or stuffy nose only.

Here is a table to differentiate it :

Symptoms Flu Cold
Appetite Decreased Normal
Tiredness Severe Mild
Onset of illness Sudden Slow
Fever High Mild or No
Headache Yes No
Muscles Ache Normal
Chills Yes No

hhmmm.. hope it helps.. although its not very detailed... :P just help to differentiate it.. Flu and cold should be treated with plenty of fluids and rest.. :)