Tuesday, August 14, 2007


I can't afford to lose u... i m just too weak to do so...
dun leave me will ya?
i promise tat i will be guai guai..
i promise tat i will not be angry with u.. not xiao qi..
i promise tat i will not nao gai again...

just dun leave me will ya ?
i miss you....

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Perfect person?

" True love won't come by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly"
- Roland gor-

haha.. tis is something i quoted from roland gor.. blek.. i totally agree with the things he says.. often.. i find ppl looking n searching high n low just for tat perfect person.. but the chances of meeting tat someone is just toooooooooooooooooo low.. lol.. i wud say.. they wud often look n fantasize for someone tat is perfect.. so i wonder how many 'perfect person' are there out there waiting for u to be explore?

hhmmm.. then have u ever tot bout urself ? are u the 'perfect person' for tat 'perfect someone' out there?? wat i m trying to say is tat.. instead of looking for tat 'perfect person' out there.. u must learn to become a 'perfect person'.. i noe the phrase tat goes.. nobody is perfect.. n i agree with this.. but not totally.. why? bcoz when u c someone tat is imperfect n appreciate watver he does n cherish it.. n be happy with it.. tat imperfect person will be the perfect person for u.. but then u also wud have to do ur part well.. u must have self confident n be happy.. n appreciate watever n whoever u have.. n cherish them.. n try to do ur best in everything.. find watever tat interest u.. n make the best of it.. then there wud be a glow.. a light .. in u.. tat shines n attracts other ppl to look at u..

so.. tis makes the saying 'relationships are 2 ways communication' worth while.. u must make urself perfect.. n learn to look at others perfectly.. or some wud say tat 'love is blind' .. lol.. other ppl might see him very bad.. but in ur eyes.. he is the perfect one.. n tis is wat makes relationship works... u can say tat tis is love.. but love is something too vague for the human mind n human language to understand.. but it happens everywhere everytime to everyone.. learn to believe... learn to trust.. learn to look at things differently.. learn to be happy.. learn to see someone imperfect perfectly.. ur life wud be a lot happier.. i PROMISE!

Dear Bloggie...

Dear bloggie...

I have lost confident in myself.. again... haiz.. i duno wat i have done is right or wrong... i was lost.. hhmmm.. perhaps.. i made a HUGE leap in front.. which i hurt myself n burden other ppl.. i shud have took small steps.. n step by step.. hehe.. i have tot bout running away from the problem.. i tried.. LOL.. bad me... by avoiding it... hhmmm... suddenly.. it strikes me.. i must be ready n man enuf to handle anything myself.. but not run away from it.. well... watever i run away from now.. i will lose any opportunity tat i might regret in the future.. n it will come back to haunt me perhaps later in my life.. i will have to deal with it once n for all... so i chose to start with telling no lies.. hehe.. i apologies to tat person.. n ask to start to get to noe each other again.. LOL... tis sounds lame.. but it really does help me.. any relationship tat starts with lies will never last long.. honesty is the best policy.. like wat i had said in 'faith n trust'... i will spend as much time as possible with tat person to get to noe tat person well..

hhmmm... but not matter how long u have noe a person.. it doesnt mean tat u noe wat tat person is about.. n wat he is thinking.. perhaps he is confused himself... hhmmm..lets make something simple... someone kisses u n says tat he loves u.. but then the next day he wud tell u tat both of u are just very close frenz n will stay tat forever.. in addition.. he tells u tat he is tackling someone else.. haha.. to me.. i think he is very confused indeed.. perhaps he nid some care but just got confused with his feelings.. tats all.. lol.. in this case.. i dun blame him.. if tis ever happens to me.. LOL.. Roland gor always tells me, ' be optimistic n come wat may' watever happened, happens for a reason... we must stay optimistic n look at the brighter side.. bcoz everything on earth have a few 'faces' .. its just the matter of point of view, the way u look at it... so i chose to be happy n grateful to watever n whoever i have..

hhmmm... sometimes.. i wan someone to listen to me.. someone to talk to me.. but fate.. either the timing is wrong or no one is there to listen to me.. so i often talk to my pets.. it really helps.. they seem to understand i m talking.. n give me responses.. although they did not say anything.. but the cute lil look on their face wud just comfort me.. bcoz i noe someone is listening to me.. hehe.. i noe it sounds crazy.. but i bet someone out there.. someone.. hu had talk with their pets b4 rite?? sometimes when i talk to some animals or tell my frenz bout me talking to my pet.. they wud just think tat i m crazy.. lol.. but i m happy with wat i m doing.. n i enjoy it.. so i dun care watever u think or say.. as long as i m happy n it doesnt harm anyone.. tats wat it matters after all.. rite ?