Thursday, August 21, 2008

New technology - robot skin

Recently, i heard a news report on a newly developed technology - Robot Skin. This technology is developed by a team of researchers in Japan. They have developed it to replaced the cold metal robot skin in order to help with the more lifelike robot which will be used not far in the future. Robots will be used to replaced workers that deal with dangerous jobs and daily chores.

Its artificial skin its made out of elastic silicon and firm urethane. There are numerous small hexagonal indentations etched into the urethane epidermis to give it a very realistic texture. It appears to be very similiar to the human skin in terms of touch and appearance. It is very soft and huggable like the human skin. Perhaps it is much softer than the human skin. There are also a number of sensors to allow the robot skin to react like human skin. This includes the flutters of the eyelids, chest movements due to breathing and other unconscious human movement.

Other than that, there are also a full body sensate skin that consists of 3 sensors - electricity field, temperature and pressure. The electricity field sensor allows the robot to notice any electricity leakage at home or at the factory. If there is any dangerous events or electricity leakage, the robot will be able to warn others or turn off the switch to avoid any further harm. Besides, the temperature sensor provides the robot the ability to feel temperature changes for the things they touch and also the environment. For example, robots that is used for baby sitting need the temperature sensor to feel the baby's temperature if its ill. The robot also needs it to test the bathing water or milk bottle temperature. As for the pressure sensor, the robot will be needing it to handle fragile things such as eggs, glasswares and babies as gently as possible. It will also be used to carry people gently and without injuring people as they are held.

The technology is getting more advance as the day passes. Will the development of robots bring fortune or disaster to the human kind? Nobody knows the answer. No doubt that the robot can help humans in many fields especially dangerous jobs and daily chores. But they are making humans much more lazy than now. The laziness in human nowadays have reached a very dangerous level. Plus, leaders of countries might use robots to declare war to conquer the world. Fortune or disaster?

Friday, August 15, 2008


i wanna go to see the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition!!! ARGH.... but its too far... at putrajaya... haiz... and jam too.. anyone wanna fetch me there? :X

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