Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I deserve more ?

Never take advantage of someone. never take someone for a ride. It isn't appropriate. People aren't oblige to give you what you want. You deserve what you are worth, you get what you give. Before you demand for something, ask yourself this : are you worthy enough to have it ?

I realised that many people doesn't appreciate what they have. They always think that they deserve better and will demand for more. Well, it's not wrong to demand for a better living. However, one must be contended with what they have. For example, a lot of people always demand for higher pay. Little do they know that they aren't capable of handling workloads and simple tasks given to them. Some can't even speak proper english. I am not saying that my command of english is good. But I am sure that I am capable of writing a proposal which can be easily understood by others and able to hold conversations with others.

Imagine this, a engineering/logistic/business degree holder in Malaysia who can't even construct a simple sentence in English demands for a promotion and an increment of RM 500 when he has only been working for 5 months. No sign of initiative to take extra courses to improve his skills. Is this too much ? or some people doesn't know where they stand?

People! if you want to demand for something, please look at yourself. Are you worthy enough to get this ? If no, improve yourself and work harder! People can see your performance and improvements. They are not blind. Don't always ask what you can have, instead ask what you can give. In this current market, don't ever think that you are a degree holder means you smarter than others who are not a degree holder. NO WAY! There is something call experience and knowledge which can only be learned on the street. Be humble and learn as much as you possibly can. Whatever it is, it will come to you when the time and attitude is right!