Saturday, September 29, 2007

Driving n Having Sex

Driving n sex...

tis looks like something cool.. lol.. n no! noti ppl.. i noe wt u all are thinking.. i m not gonna talk bout sex in the car...hehe.. a lot of ppl once told me.. when u go to dark places.. like hill, car park etc.. there is a car park there.. n it starts to shake n shake.. move around... theres some action going on in it.. LOL.. but unfortunately.. i wont go into tat today..

tis is wat i wanna say.. have u guys ever tot tat driving can be also link to sex ? tat day while i was driving.. i came up with something like tis :
while i was driving normally...
without any signal(without asking if he cud have sex with u or not),
a car just comes into the lane(he just fucks u)..
u were in shock n quickly break(scared n horrified n was stunned)..
then some will just horn(scream for help or pleasure),
or some will just curse them(starts moaning n asking for more)..
hhmmm.. some might just take on the right lane n just race them(starts to give back services like blowjob or handjob etc)...

wat bout if he just comes into the lane n u werent able to break(u weren't fast enuf to response)
n u bang then car( u had sex with him. or let him just fucks u with injuries or hardcore style)..
either u got hurt or not(pain in private parts or other parts coz of abuse etc)..
ur car sure kena accident(u sure had sex n kena fuck liao)..
tis time where the part the fighting or settling.. choices :
1. say nevermind n just pay back can liao ( nvm.. all we just had fun, pay me some money for the pleasure or be responsible for any consequences if no safety precaution(insurance) is done..)
2. fight (scolding n punches n yellings)
3. police case( report to police lo after kena rape liao)
4. runaway ( irresponsible or scared, then just cabut after sex..)

driving is like having sex...
if u suka n kind hearted, u give him go into ur lane(have sex with him if u are interested n kind hearted)
n sometimes u wan it faster or slower, u just change lane...( go have sex with other ppl if u find the current one not satisfy)
speed all the way n have pleasure showing off n face the consequences( have lots of sex with lots of ppl n showing it off n face the consequences of getting a sexual disease)
traffic jams ( nobody likes to wait n stay put n not getting any action)
expensive n nice cars ( good looking n rich where lots of ppl likes to lay eyes n hands on)
and there are always the case where they say the car kisses ur ass..
hhmmmm... any more ideas? haha.. i still can continue down the list but i do not have the time for now.. lol.. adios amingo! hope u guys enjoyed it...

Monday, September 24, 2007


HAHAHAHA... y do we have to fight n hate each other n piss each other off?? its like a circle.. it wont end.. so... now i wanna change my hatred to love.. i wanna love all of u...

its fate tat the God let me meet u.. no matter hu u are... so i wud like to love u... instead of hate u or piss u off... learn to treat others good... no matter how they treat u... n just tahan 忍 or in eng, be patient with it... no matter how long.. u will be rewarded in the end... but i m not saying tat u are treating other ppl so good bcoz u wan a reward from tat... just treat ppl out of ur heart.. ur sincere n kind heart.. ^.^

love is the greatest power of all.. or like whitney's song.. the greatest love of all.... LOL .. ok.. it doesnt suit here.. lol.. but i like the song..

so.. i love u!!! my family, my relatives, my best fren, un couer, my close fren, my good fren, my classmates, my work buddies, my teachers, my enemies(i think there wud not be any now since i chose to love u)... n anyone out there!!!!

I LOVE YOU!!!!!! MUACKZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Fuck u!!!!

Fuck u! if u judge a book by its cover!
Fuck u! if u tend to play around with other ppl's feeling
Fuck u! if u think tat u r so good tat onli good looking n rich ppl are compatible with u
Fuck u! if u just ignore ppl
Fuck u! for being so annoying
Fuck u! for being such a pussy
Fuck u! for being so cocky
Fuck u! for hurting ppl's feeling
Fuck u! for being selfish
Fuck u! for being a playboy
Fuck u! for being a liar
Fuck u! for breaking promises tat u made
Fuck u! for hitting ppl as u like
Fuck u! for being so demanding
Fuck u! for forcing ppl to do things they dun like
Fuck u! for being late always
Fuck u! for leaving me alone when i needed u most
Fuck u! for all these craps!

Fuck u! Fuck U! Fuck u!

tis is for me, u, n ppl hu thinks tat he is the one concern...

Friday, September 21, 2007

New hobby

recently i feel like i nid to change my focus to other things.. which i had said in my post earlier on.. now my new hobby is reading!!!! LOLx...

today.. i found out tat i got a lot of books which i havent read...
16 cao zhi zhong comic books...
4 diff books of moral values with 4 dif teachings : Buddhism, Taoism, Chan, Ru
2 comic books on art of sun tzu
1 book on art of sun tzu
1 book on econs : more sex is safer sex (fren)
1 story book of a gay teen life (fren)

OMG... so many books suddenly.. n my god bro just gave me a link which got unlimited comic books!!!

hhmmm.. suddenly i have the urge of going to starbucks or some place with nice environment and sit down have a cup of coffee and read the books... n perhaps have my laptop on too... WOW.. tis is life man!!!

tml , sat, sun.. 3 days.. but where can i go ?? aiks... no car.. lazy to drive.. where to go??? cham...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sienz.. everyday come oso like nobody visit geh...
coz no reply or give comment.. macam write liao = no write.. waste gas.. haiz... sienz...

Monday, September 17, 2007

right or wrong?

I have been into diff groups... lots of events.. lots of groups... either formal groups or informal groups.. countless i shud say... just tat... groups are formed due to a certain reason.. i do not wanna jump into management topics.. so i shud just keep it short..

groups are formed bcoz of a lot of reasons , for examples interest, objective, hatred, fashion etc... always there wud be ppl against each other in certain point of view.. tats y there are the existence of diff groups.. once, i was in a chatroom.. there are groups there.. i can say tat i m on which side.. but i can see tat.. group A wud say A is da best n group B is not as good... vice versa... or A might hate B, vice versa.. but hu is right n hu is wrong? hhmmm...

actually it depends... depends on a lot of things.. ur point of view, ur objectives n hu u r... of coz there are a lot of other factors.. hu are heroes? hu are villians? hu are there to be categorise them? every party or ppl acts on their own.. for example, spiderman vs venom... hu is da villian? a lot of u might say its venom.. but i wud say neither.. both work as their own.. for their own.. spiderman is to fulfill his responsibility towards da town.. venom is bcoz he wans his job.. ok.. i might say tat venom is kinda lost in there.. but hu doesnt ? even spiderman had been lost countless times.. but y is he still da hero? think bout it... tis is bout point of view n objective..

hhmmm.. here comes another one.. da time factor..
in da primary school :" sex?! OMG !!! hamsup!! *piak piak*'
in da secondary school :" sex? woo hoo.. interesting.. good.."
in college : " sex? hot!! cool.. or i m bored with it.. or its very dangerous..or its very painful"

see the evolution when we gets older? nothing is good nothing is bad.. even sex!
anything is good or bad? right or wrong? now.. my answer wud be 'depends'... how u look at it.. n extreme or the amount of it.. small amount of drugs is good.. but a huge amount is deadly.. certain amount of fire can benefit ppl but out of control of fire can be life taking..

so? wat is wrong n wat is right??? think again..

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Focus on something more important...

Being love is a good thing.. but by the person tat u dun like or the person u have no feel its a bad thing.. bad for the one hu loves n being love... vice versa.. there are a lot of ppl around me tat tells me how tis guy/girl treats him/her... all the romantic things u can think of n kenot think of.. i always wanted someone to do tat to me... but too bad i dun have such luck n life.. or the timing is not right.. watever it is.. it sure sounds tempting to be loved by someone n those romantic things or even lil things they do to u... but now.. i think i shall move out from the dream n start to think realistic things..

now i shall change my perspective or attention towards my studies or career.. recently i had thought bout a few choices that i might be making for my own life... i shall list them down.. hehe..

1. laze around n go tru college with auto-pilot mode
2. study hard n go to Paris after my degree, n hopefully get a job n settle down there.. which i wud have to prepare early from now...
3. do part time jobs n own a house or a car(most probably) while studying my degree..
4. study part time some professional cert ( ACCA or CFA) while i continue with my full time in KBU.. which i wud be working part time as well to pay my school fees..
5. do some internship between my 1st n 2nd year of degree in Pg or Sarawak n get some info there.. i might be moving out of KL.. i had thought bout it..
6. work after degree? or do my masters/ prof cert after degree? hhmmm... normally for ppl as poor as me, it wud be work after degree.. to get exp n money.. then onli do part time post grad programmes.. but here or pg or sarawak or kl or johor or singapore or paris or germany or uk or australia? i wud like to move out from kl... perhaps for a period of time.. short or long... i duno.. i just wanna get away from kl.. tats all..

i shall say tat i wan to put all my attention in my studies n career now.. so wherever there is chance n opportunity, i will go there n get it.. even if i have to work part time jobs or late nites.. i will give my best at striving the goal..

drunk? :x

Hhhmmmmm.. wat i wan??

y m i so emotional n make all my frenz turn away from me ???!?!?!??! haiz.... its in my blood tat i like to hit ppl or bite ppl... any frenz hu din kena b4? means tat we are not close enuf.. hehe... well... lets just say tat its the reason y i m left back with so few frenz... i changed a lot.. from the past.. but sometimes i just ... basic instinct.. haiz.. bad me...

m i too self centered ? hhmmm.. y m i making such a big deal when u did not reply me or treat me like a shit... its just a normal thing... i shud get used to it.. n.. i have much more important stuff to focus on now...

tot bout it... i shudnt do things or be emotional because of someone.. n i shudnt live my life bcoz of someone n care too much bout wat other ppl think n how other ppl treat me.. I MUST LIVE MY OWN LIFE!

now the most important thing or goal i shall focus on is CFA, degree with 1st class honours, a car, money.... SCREW RELATIONSHIP! i have been alone n single for 19 years n i still can survive with it alone... so y cant i be alone for the rest of my life?! hu nids relationships to survive!?

hahaha... the post was written after i had half a dozen of beers... wat they say is right, when u r down, watever alcohol oso cant get u drunk... haha... Here i come , my career n study!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

degree lo..

Start degree liao lo!!!! woo hoo!!!
hahaha.. damn fun man...

aiks.. now cham liao lo.. i m known as one of the 3 monkeys or lil devils in my class.. LOL.. damn fun though.. hehe... must add oil in degree liao!!!

gonna do accounting n finance.. although i wanted to do econs n finance.. LOL.. but my college onli offer tis.. so nvm la.. hehe.. hhmmm.. PERHAPS gonna take up the professional cert for financial analyst.. which is the CFA - Chartered Financial Analyst.. tis is a pro cert like ACCA de.. but tis is a 3 years program.. lol... equivalent to the MBA.. hehe.. hhmmm... statistic shows tat there is onli 8% tat enter the program got the cert... FUN? CHALLENGING? i duno.. but i wan it! LOLx..

or perhaps not.. maybe a MBA will do.. lolx... duno yet.. but tat is something really nice...