Friday, July 02, 2010

Do what you like, Like what you do...

Does this theory applicable ?

I am actually wondering what I am doing right now is what I want to do for the next few decades of my life. Basically accounting and finance is not what interest me most. Well, I have interest in it, but it is not my top choice. So why do I even pick this subject/field as my profession? hhmmm.. I do not know actually. Because I am capable and I likey challenges? or the path is exciting and tormenting XD. Or perhaps the salary + bonus is rewarding. Whatever it is, I've chosen this path, I've finished my degree in this subject/field. I have to likey it in order to perform and excel. I have to believe in myself that I am capable of doing it no matter what the consequences are.

Well, my top interest now I guess would be human behavior. I likey to study and analyze about the human behavior. How people interact, behave or carry themselves. It is very interesting and fascinating to study the various forms of human behavior. That is why I enjoyed very much doing my bachelor degree's dissertation on this subject matter. Weird it is, I did an Accounting and Finance Bachelor Degree with a dissertation on Human Behavior in the workplace. But that is me. The combination of my interests. So, should I switch my profession to this ? hhmmm..

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